Global connectivity and security as agile as your business 

ZARIOT is a cellular IoT connectivity and security solutions provider.

We help companies who: 

  • need secure connectivity
    and data privacy 
  • want reliable,
    global coverage 
  • require scalable,
    futureproof solutions 
  • desire easy,
    agile management 

The ZARIOT Mission  

create dynamic security and connectivity solutions, delivered through unwavering partnership 

The ZARIOT Vision 

a future where the potential of IoT is realised through simple and efficient privacy at scale

The key to IoT growth 

Only by building public trust in IoT through comprehensive security can IoT realise its full potential. We are security driven, born from security, offer the most secure IoT solutions available, and prioritise innovation to maintain maximum protection in the face of relentlessly developing security challenges.  


As a connectivity partner we are at a unique position in the IoT ecosystem, central to every IoT solution and the only point that is in direct contact with the other core elements – device and application. We are committed to utilising this position to build partnerships to enable fully secure IoT solutions.  

The ZARIOT Community consists of and promotes similarly forward-thinking security vendors, service providers and solutions. Learn more about the ZARIOT Community.

An IoT solution requires multiple skillsets and expertise. Cooperation and collaboration are key to successful solutions. 


We are on a continual journey to drive and embrace new thinking and new ideas

ZARIOT champions the fundamental role of innovation and fresh thinking in the rapidly developing security sector. We believe that collaboration within the IoT ecosystem, and innovation to design future-driven and partner-focused solutions are key to a future where the potential of IoT is realised through simple and efficient security at scale, easily managed throughout the device lifecycle.  

The ZARIOT INNOVATION INITIATIVE is an ambition to foster new thinking and new ideas. Learn more about the ZARIOT Innovation Initiative.


Creating long-term solutions by understanding today’s challenges in order to anticipate tomorrow’s needs. 

The future costs of device management are difficult to forecast and can create unforeseen. In addition to our pledge to innovate future-driven solutions, we tailor our solutions to your business needs to simplify and facilitate deployment and management not just now, but for then entire lifecycle of your devices.  

Solution focus 

By partnering with our customers, we provide exceptional, flexible and high-quality service.  

This partnership-level support ensures successful integration and flexibility of new connected systems, and for the lifetime of devices. We understand the different needs of different use cases and industries. Round-the-clock support from a team with comprehensive technical knowledge, who develop a deep understanding of your needs, enables us to tailor our services to your business. 

ZARIOT is built on engineering expertise, owns the network and has a streamlined, empowered management structure giving partners the support, accessibility, transparency, flexibility and agility that IoT solutions need. We provide simplicity in provisioning and lifecycle management of the device. 


Environmental sustainability builds a future that is better for everyone. 

ZARIOT is a strong advocate of IoT solutions that contribute to environmental and social sustainability and as such we actively seek to work with and promote such projects. 

Furthermore, solutions should be simple, yet innovative, versatile, effective and lifetime.
Our solutions help to minimise resources, maximise efficiency and remote provisioning allows lifecycle management, contributing to more sustainable projects. 


Leadership Team



Passionate leader and corporate entrepreneur



Award-winning entrepreneur, Co-founder and Chairman of Cellusys



Expert team-builder with a passion for delivering complex solutions, simply



Cybersecurity and telecommunication specialist with a zeal for agile and secure digital transformation


Atsign is a community of Internet optimists compelled by the belief that privacy is a fundamental right. 
Atsign is flipping the Internet by giving consumers control of their private information through the open-source @platform. This framework enables developers to create applications for People, Entities, and Things, featuring secure exchange of information between known parties.
The @platform offers people an intuitive and simple way to securely access and share their data. All @platform apps are accessed via a unique identification and authentication approach: the @sign — the key for people to reclaim their power online.