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Taking Identity to the Edge (Devices)

May 23, 2023 Published by

Did you know that the concept of having a unique identity can be applied to the IoT ecosystem and on an even more granular level, each and every IoT device? Learn more here.

Addressability in IoT Deployments

May 8, 2023 Published by

First time hearing about addressability for your IoT deployment? Don't fret. We're here to explore what it means and why it is becoming increasingly important in the IoT ecosystem.

The What and Why of SIM Applets

May 2, 2023 Published by

You might have heard of them. But what exactly are SIM applets? And how do they add value to your IoT suite? We provide insights on this and more.

GSMA IoT SAFE – Common Standards for IoT Security

April 17, 2023 Published by

IoT SAFE, a new GSMA standard launched in 2021 secures IoT application and data from ground, to cloud. Why does it matter and how can your IoT solutions stand to benefit from its features? Click on the link above to learn all about IoT SAFE and more.

IoT Healthcare

IoT Applications in Healthcare – Fast Growing Use Cases

April 11, 2023 Published by

The healthcare industry is beginning to harness the transformative potential of smart technology and IoT. This has given providers the power to automate repetitive tasks, reduce operational costs and make more informed decisions to improve patient care. Read more about IoT applications in the industry.