The ZARIOT Community has been established to gather and promote similarly forward-thinking security vendors, service providers, valued experts and partners. We are continually growing this resource, fostering partnerships to address all IoT security concerns, whether data privacy, uptime, secure supply chain, insurance, or compliance. This ensures more secure, more customised and more successful projects. 

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Ecosystem Members 

Atsign is a community of Internet optimists compelled by the belief that privacy is a fundamental right.   

Atsign is flipping the Internet by giving consumers control of their private information through the open-source @platform. This framework enables developers to create applications for People, Entities and Things, featuring secure exchange of information between known parties.  

The @platform offers people an intuitive and simple way to securely access and share their data. All @platform apps are accessed via a unique identification and authentication approach: the @sign – the key for people to reclaim their power online.  

Combining ZARIOT’s SIM expertise with @atsign technology, it is now possible to encrypt data all the way from the IoT device to the core application. By storing Atsign encryption keys on the ZARIOT SIM, the SIM becomes a root of trust. The ZARIOT eSIM, and in future iSIM, represent an ideal element as they are very difficult to physically tamper with or access. This end-to-end data encryption builds on ZARIOT’s award-winning mobile network security and VPN protection with an additional layer protecting the raw data.  

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Binaré is a cybersecurity start-up based in Finland. They are committed to providing the most advanced and efficient solution to check for vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risks within IoT devices, preventing businesses from cyberattacks around the world.  

Binaré are able to examine an application’s firmware using the binary code to identify issues in software or configuration. Using this technique, it is possible to make an assessment without the enterprise having to release the actual source code.  

Their platform creates an in-depth security analysis, listing the individual software components and any vulnerabilities that may be present, as well as the details needed to mitigate the threat. This can be achieved for each individual device or across the full install base. 

The list of software components constitutes a “Software Bill of Material” (SBOM). This can be used to monitor a device’s security standing in the ever-evolving threat landscape. The Binaré platform continually monitors feeds such as MITRE and NIST websites and proactively updates the user when a zero day, or any other security development, occurs and requires patching.  Binaré was founded by security researchers, who continue to discover zero days threats themselves and who can be engaged for security consultancy and training. 

SevenShift specialise in IoT security and provide penetration testing for all areas of an IoT solution, from the device, through the application and network, to the organisation. To streamline customer security testing, SevenShift use ZARIOT SIMs. ZARIOT direct the test traffic directly to their Bunkai platform for analysis. This speeds up the process and makes testing more efficient for the end customer. 

ZARIOT have also utilised SevenShift’s renowned training program, sending engineers to the IoT security training in order to better understand the “hackers-eye view”.

ZARIOT strongly recommend these courses which give a great understanding of hacking, and an important insight into the techniques and methodology used. 

SevenShift share the ZARIOT view on the importance of “Secure by design” and have an excellent engineering and consultancy division that can create the necessary security framework and best practices to support the policy. 

Would you like to join our community?

Let’s talk about how we can secure the future of IoT together.