Committed to Innovation

ZARIOT is committed to IoT security through innovation. Security threats are relentlessly evolving and morphing, and only by constantly innovating and improving as an industry can we hope to continue to mitigate the risks.
Considering the diversity and complexity of IoT, ZARIOT believes partnerships and collaboration are key moving forward, but to keep pace this must be augmented with new, inventive, and original thinking.
As part of our Innovation Initiative, ZARIOT, with our partners, will host events and activities to foster new ideas and embrace creative solutions. In combination with existing best practices, this creative new thinking will directly influence ZARIOT’s strategies in addressing the continuously evolving security challenge.  

The Inaugural ZARIOT Innovation Initiative 

In October 2021, ZARIOT and @atsign joined forces with Berkeley University Cal Hacks 8.0 in the first of our innovation Initiatives, hosting an end-to-end encryption hackathon! The goal was to create an opportunity for the next generation to showcase their creativity and expose our technology to different original ideas. The challenge thrown down was to utilize the true digital privacy provided by the @atsign embedded securely in an IoT device using a ZARIOT SIM to protect the Internet of Things.  
The ZARIOT/@atsign track received considerable interest, resulting in numerous entries and culminating in three very worthy “End-to-End encrypted IoT” winners. 


ZARIOT knows that innovation does not work on a schedule, inspiration can strike at any time. Therefore, if you have an idea that you feel would benefit from ZARIOTs technology or know how, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to any concepts and would be pleased if we can support your initiatives.  

You could even become a member of our “Innovation Wall of Fame”

CypherAI – First Place 

The CypherAI team utilized end-to-end encryption to fully secure communication between the IoT device and the application server, then applied Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to perform operations on the encrypted user data without needing to decrypt it first. 

By combining these techniques, the team was able to protect the data in transit while also maintaining data privacy during processing. Eliminating the trade-off between data usability and user confidentiality. 

As we move into the next era of IoT, where data collection escalates exponentially, the judging panel recognize how the CypherAI solution could significantly improve user trust while still facilitating the benefits of data analysis. 

Reina Chi-Feng Wang 

‘I am an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science student at the University of California, Berkeley. I love learning new things and developing personal projects to expand my knowledge of different fields of computer science’ 

Sumer Kohli  

‘As a senior Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major at Berkeley, I am aiming to expose myself to research and industry as much as possible. I have many years of experience programming, with side projects going back nearly 6 or 7 years, and five summers of relevant industry experience.’ 

Yu-Teng Li 

‘I study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. I enjoy coding to solve challenging or, even better, interdisciplinary problems, which is the reason why I am especially interested in Machine Learning and Blockchain since both have the capacity to radically reform markets.’ 

“We found the CypherAI team hugely impressive, and their solution not only won out in our track but also deservedly picked up awards in multiple other challenges during the event. We will watch with interest how this idea is developed and wish the team well in what will surely be long, fruitful, and successful careers”
-ZARIOT CEO Dawood Ghalaieny

Split Brain – Second Place 

The “Split Brain” entry addressed the hugely important subject of mental wellbeing, a topic high on everyone’s priorities as the world continues to reel from the global pandemic.  

Their app consolidated various data sources with the eventual goal to combine multiple IoT devices and user reporting to create a comprehensive health picture. This allowed not only a in depth view of the patience’s state of mind but also identified changes over time, providing early indicators of future problems. 

As with all health and medical systems, security and data privacy are paramount, therefore the use case for end-to-end encryption and date sovereignty were key to the overall solution. The judges felt the app was very well executed and the security benefits were clearly showcased.

Ivona Listeš 

‘I study computer science at the University of Split. Since I have always been better in math subjects, I have opted for computing because it offers unlimited opportunities in designing new programs that make it easier to work in many professions.’ 

Marin Pejcin 

‘Computer science student with a passion for creating things that actually make lives easier. I am interested in backend technologies and have a strong will for learning and improving my skills.’

Marin Barać 

‘I am Computer Science student at the faculty of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and naval architecture in Split. I love combining creativity with problem solving and that is the reason why I am interested in front-end development.’ 

“ZARIOT already had a very productive relationship with the educational facilities in Split and so we were hugely pleased that this group performed so well. They were just piped to top spot, but the idea and execution were extremely impressive. We are also very pleased to have welcomed Marin into the ZARIOT team.”
-ZARIOT CEO Dawood Ghalaieny

IStable – Third Place 

The IStable team were alone in creating a physical device, prototyping a self-balancing robot in just two days!  

The robot uses two wheels, balancing itself to stay vertical. This produces a design that is highly manoeuvrable and suitable in areas with limited space.  

The team also had a clear vision of how IStable could be utilized and saw the most evident use case for the security functionality to be the medical sector. IStable was seen as a potential healthcare assistant working in inhospitable areas such low temperature medicine storage facilities, or in environments that must be kept completely sterile. The versatility of the robot combined with the secure end-to-end encrypted communication protecting the overall solution was considered by the judges to be an excellent use case for the technology and resulted in IStable being a worthy winner.  

Deblina Chattopadhyay 

‘I am a curious and enthusiastic individual, currently pursuing my undergrad degree in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering at Netaji Subhash Engineering College. I find solving modern-day problems with crude electronics circuitry very intriguing. A fun fact about myself is that I have attended over 30 hackathons virtually in 2021 (won in several as well). I like building hardware projects and participating in hackathons because it has provided me with several opportunities to learn and gain experience from them.’ 

Avijit Das 

‘I am an aspiring Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer aiming towards automation and carry the modern technology to a more creative and humble path’ 

“The creativity, application and talent shown by Avijit and Deblina over the two days of the hackathon impressed everyone on the judging panel. Without a doubt, they have a great future ahead of them and we look forward to seeing just how far this gifted pair will go.” 
-ZARIOT CEO Dawood Ghalaieny

Do you have an idea? 

ZARIOT knows that innovation does not work on a schedule, inspiration can strike at any time. Therefore, if you have an idea that you feel would benefit from ZARIOTs technology or know how, do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to any concepts and would be pleased if we can support your initiatives.  

You could even become a member of our “Innovation Wall of Fame”