Centralised Analytics

ZARIOT’s Management Portal provides businesses with the control over their global SIM fleet through individual and fleet-level SIM management, management of device network access, a comprehensive reporting suite, usage and rogue behaviour alerting, APIs, device troubleshooting tools, along with usage and connectivity dashboards.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Easily design, run, view and export reports
  • Real-time and historical (long-term) reporting
  • Create custom dashboards to group visualisations
  • Zoom from entire fleet, to groups, or a single device
  • Set reports to various parameters, such as:
    • Network Registration (operator name/country)
    • Mobile Data Traffic (bytes in/out/total)
    • Location Data (Cell IDs)
    • Device (IMEI)

Location without GPS

Location-based services allow users to query and instantly receive the geographic location of any of their wireless devices connected to the mobile network. As positioning is performed on the network, no other hardware add-ons are required.

Usage and Billing

Usage, and billing information is always available for individual assets, as well as aggregated information for the entire device fleet. This information can be used to trigger usage alerts or to modify the connection status in real time.

Connectivity Control

  • Real-time network status, location, and ongoing data session
  • Service management for data, messaging, and country limitation
  • Manage data session authentication, security settings, and VPN
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting – view status and logs, ping devices

API Integration and Web Hooks

  • Use our API to integrate ZARIOT connectivity into your business processes
  • Perform any actions of provisioning, management, control of the SIMs via the Secure REST JSON/XML API
  • Push notifications to your own systems via our customizable WebHooks