Reap the benefits of secure automotive IoT solutions from telematics to diagnostics

Offering convenience, flexibility, performance, and security along with cutting-edge technology for the entire product lifecycle

With network connections across 190+ countries, solutions are ready for deployment in any market around the world

Connected vehicles are changing the nature of the transportation and mobility industry. As a result, connectivity is fast becoming a crucial element in any automotive project.

The possibilities that IoT brings the automobile industry are immense. From telematics, asset tracking, insurance monitoring and preventative maintenance - connecting vehicles means adding new revenue streams for OEMS.

Our connectivity solutions ensure vehicle software will always be the best version of itself.

Connected cars at a glance

Add value to your automotive offerings with these key features

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Reliably transmit data even in
the most extreme environments and works seamlessly across borders.

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Create Flexibility

Constantly updating connected vehicles via over the air software updates throughout the entire product lifecycle.

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Cybersecurity Committment

Security is the foundation of our products and solutions. End-to-end encryption of data protects against authorized access.

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Regulatory Compliance

Understand new and upcoming automotive regulations to learn how to design robust and secure architectures.

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Here are some IoT solutions you can develop with ZARIOT

Connected cars

As OEMs expand service offerings, ensuring reliable, consistent connectivity in multiple countries can be difficult. Eliminate complexity and costly network lock-ins to reduce data costs while improving coverage. Read more about our solutions for Connected Cars.

Preventative maintenance

Inconveniences associated with unexpected malfunctions can result in lost time and money for drivers. Take the guesswork out of it with frequent service updates and provide a higher quality of service overall. Read more about our solutions for Preventative Maintenance

Vehicle recovery

Global piracy for high-value assets such as vehicles reached a record high of USD$4.2 trillion in 2022. It is vital to secure automotive assets with real-time monitoring as they travel across the world. Read more about our solutions for Vehicle Recovery.

Insurance monitoring

As the needs of car owners evolve, so must the insurance products that accompany them. Gain more insights than ever before to more effectively provide services and rates that keep people and their assets safe. Read more about our solutions for Insurance Monitoring.

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