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Innovating securely
to stay ahead

Enhancing and consolidating your IoT solution with best-performing connectivity, enriched with access to SIM and cellular network security, features and management.

The ZARIOT Mission

Open the cellular network's potential to create dynamic security and connectivity solutions with tangible benefits

The ZARIOT Vision

A future collaborative ecosystem of partnerships to deliver secure IoT simply and efficiently at scale

Global connectivity & security
as agile as your business

ZARIOT is a cellular IoT connectivity provider that allows you to utilise the telecom network tools to innovate and secure your solution.

We are here to help you if you …

need secure connectivity and data privacy

want reliable, global coverage

want connectivity to be an integrated part of your solution

require scalable, futureproof solutions

desire easy, agile management


At ZARIOT we understand that IoT solutions require flexibility to support the development mandatory for commercial success, balanced with the cybersecurity needed to protect your business or your customer.

ZARIOT achieves both by opening access to existing telecom features normally only available to the operator, and facilitating new functionality delivered with innovative partners. These tangible benefits will continue to expand as ZARIOT continues to collaborate, giving you a toolkit of options to complement your service, and making the network an integral part of your end-to-end consolidated design.

We are able to accomplish this by being agile and responsive, made possible by a network built on award-winning security foundations. ZARIOT was conceived with the goal of providing a solely IoT-focused cellular connectivity solution with premium security, fully protecting data and devices on the mobile network infrastructure. Inhouse engineering expertise and experience, as well as a commitment to focus on your IoT solution goals, allows you to stay ahead, and ensures that your IoT solution is both successful and secure.

The key to IoT growth

Only by continually innovating, without compromising on security, can IoT truly reach its potential. A balanced approach is key.

ZARIOT’s expanding business innovation toolbox provides access to the untapped potential of cellular networks, balanced with our security expertise and partnerships.

This enables you to build richer, yet more consolidated solutions, while adhering to ‘secure by design’ principles. Maximising the connectivity’s value by minimising additional investment elsewhere.


As a connectivity partner we are at a unique position in the IoT ecosystem, central to every IoT solution, and the only point that is in direct contact with the other core elements – device and application. We are committed to utilising this position to build partnerships to enable fully secure IoT solutions.

An IoT solution requires multiple skillsets and expertise. Cooperation and collaboration are key to successful solutions.


We are on a continual journey to drive and embrace new thinking and new ideas.

ZARIOT champions the fundamental role of innovation and fresh thinking in the rapidly developing security sector. We believe that collaboration within the IoT ecosystem, and innovation to design future-driven and partner-focused solutions, are key to a future where the potential of IoT is realised through simple and efficient security at scale, easily managed throughout the device lifecycle.


We are security driven, born from security, offer the most secure IoT solutions available, and prioritise innovation to maintain maximum protection in the face of relentlessly developing security challenges.


Creating long-term solutions by understanding today’s challenges in order to anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

The future costs of device management are difficult to forecast. In addition to our pledge to innovate future-driven solutions, we tailor our solutions to your business needs to simplify and facilitate deployment and management not just now, but for the entire lifecycle of your devices.

Solution focus

By partnering with our customers, we provide exceptional, flexible and high-quality service.

This partnership-level support ensures successful integration and flexibility of new connected systems, and for the lifetime of devices. We understand the different needs of different use cases and industries.

Accessible support from a team with comprehensive technical knowledge, who develop a deep understanding of your needs, enables us to tailor our services to your business.

Leadership Team

Stephen Brewer

Passionate leader and
corporate entrepreneur

Dawood Ghalaieny

Award-winning entrepreneur,
Chairman of Cellusys

Charles Bernard

Expert team-builder with a passion for delivering complex solutions

Jimmy Jones

Head of Security
Analytical and resourceful cybersecurity and regulatory compliance veteran

Justin Alcorn

Sales Director
Creative problem solver and adept at translating complex ideas into simple concepts