Smart Cities

IoT is transforming urban cities, making them greener, safer and more efficient

At the heart of smart cities lies dependable and manageable connectivity for fine-grained insights to improve resource management, allocation and quality of life for all inhabitants

Simple, flexible solutions that can adapt to the changing needs of urban growth

As demands on resources and infrastructure grow, cities have to improve infrastructure and optimize the managing of public assets and other critical services.

An IoT-enabled smart city can intelligently manage energy use, monitor pollution, reduce traffic congestion and introduce innovative solutions to improve the experiences of all its inhabitants.

Reliable connectivity with a ubiquitous reach, cellular is an ideal and secure way to connect IoT applications.

Explore all possibilities in smart cities

We can support your project with our IoT solutions with these key features

Mission-Critical Security

SIMs function as roots of trust, with end-to-end data encryption and award-winning signaling security to prevent breaches.

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Global Connectivity

A single eSIM unlocks access
to over 650 mobile networks, ensuring connectivity regard-
less of deployment site.

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Flexible, Future-proof

Solutions compatible with current and future devices and systems, prolonging product lifecycles and reducing operational costs .

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Unparalled Insights

Fine-grained data can inform
decisions to optimize smart city operations and drive continuous improvements.

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Here are some IoT solutions you can develop with ZARIOT


Whether it's bikes, e-scooters, skateboards, or something else, micromobility will be a key component of future urban landscapes for its convenience and low carbon footprint.Track usage and control devices from anywhere in the world to ensure customers always have quality experiences. Read more about our solutions for Micromobility.

Smart Parking

Parking is increasingly problematic in major cities around the world as authorities struggle to keep up with demand for convenient parking, without disrupting current traffic patterns.A well-connected monitoring system can simultaneously ease congestion, reduce fuel consumption and pollution. Read more about our solution for Smart Parking.

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