Secure IoT connectivity for optimal smart energy solutions

Whether itś electric vehicle chargers, smart meters or environmental monitors, discover how IoT plays a key role in pursuing secure and sustainable energy solutions

Reliable global connectivity for all your energy needs

The advancement of technology has given rise to the sophistication of cyber attacks, resulting in the growing number of security breaches in the energy sector.

For energy companies pushing the boundaries of innovation, IoT has increasingly acted as its eyes and ears. Real-time data and advanced analytics enable rapid detection of abnormalities in deployments that may stretch hundreds of miles. Bespoke IoT solutions and global cellular connectivity enable companies to incorporate secure, yet cutting-edge digital technologies to their current product suite.

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Harness the potential of smart energy

Add value to your offerings with these key features

Remote Connectivity

Smart energy solutions are often deployed in remote areas or inside buildings, creating challenges for many IoT connectivity solutions

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Gold Standard Security

Full end-to-end encryptions across all communcation. Transmissions between device and network are never open to public internet

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Seamless Integration

Turnkey solution where a single SIM can connect to new and existing smart energy applications

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Detailed Analytics

Gain useful insights that empower you to make more informed decisions and optimize your organizational processes

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Here are some IoT solutions you can develop with ZARIOT

Smart metering

Anomalies like leaks, outages and security breaches hurt bottom lines and can damage a company's reputation. Keep gateways and connections secure, while obtaining fine-grained visibility into device health and consumption patterns. Read more about our solutions for Smart Metering.

EV Chargers

With growing global demand and greater calls for environmental sustainability, smart charging stations will require an international network for reliable connectivity for both energy suppliers and customers. Remotely configure and monitor each station and optimize energy consumption. Read more about our solutions for EV Chargers.

Environmental monitoring

Remotely located assets such as wind farms and solar panels makes it difficult and costly to send staff to monitor them. Cellular IoT enables cost efficient connectivity and remote monitoring of all your rural assets. Read more about our solutions for Environmental Monitoring.

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