Transport & Logistics

IoT creates sustainable yet efficient transport and logistics solutions

Transporting goods around the world is a complex and challenging process. IoT-enabled solutions can ensure secure and on-time delivery. Start innovating today.

Facilitate opportunities to effectively manage assets

Transportation and logistics is a major industry adopting IoT at scale. As standards for speed and accuracy rise, technology enables high quality of service while simplifying complex processes.

With 24/7 connectivity, address a large number of use cases from cargo maintenance to fleet management with a connectivity solution that spans 650+ networks, across 190+ countries.

Discover all the insights necessary to continuously audit performance to outperform the competition.

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How IoT adds value to your offerings with these key features

Data security

End-to-end security to prevent unauthorized communication. IMEI lock ensures SIMs cannot be used on other devices

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Streamline operations

Run remote diagnostics anytime, anywhere. Fully automate SIM control with a single-pane-of-glass management platform

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Reduce complexity

Leverage reliable cellular infrastructure and reduce latency by switching you to the best networks available

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Scalable efficiencies

Backwards compatibility with existing hardware allows for rapid deployment and global scalability from the moment of installation

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Here are some IoT solutions you can develop with ZARIOT

Fleet management

Managing a fleet of vehicles, no matter the size, involves tracking many moving parts. Remotely track and monitor diagnostic information for every vehicle to ensure fleets run on time, within budget, and at maximum efficiency. Read more about our solution for Fleet Management.

Inventory tracking & analytics

Low accuracy and error-prone manual scanning of inbound and outbound items can lead to significant losses. Transmit information more frequently and be updated in real time for complete visibility into inventory movements Read more about our solution for Inventory Tracking & Analytics.

Cargo integrity monitoring

Perishable cargo such as pharmaceuticals need to be kept under precise conditions. Set up parameters that alarm at the slightest deviation to maintain stable environmental conditions, down to the level of individual physical assets. Read more about our solution for Cargo Integrity Monitoring

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