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global connectivity with

ONE global SIM

Connectivity solutions that keep up
with your evolving needs

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5G, 4G, LTE-M,NB-IoT, 3G, 2G

Global IoT connectivityand QoS testing

Flexible plans with
ONE contract

Bespoke data plans support the exact data and location requirements of a business in each market

Maximum coverage and device uptime

Best quality connectivity

Precision steering automatically switches devices to the optimum network

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Seamless roaming

Regional multi-technology access to maximise coverage, globally

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Technical support

Accessible partner-level support to ensure the successful integration of your connected system

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Simple management

Easy provisioning and lifecycle management, with remote QoS testing and reporting

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Why Cellular?

Mobile networks have been providing reliable coverage across the world for decades. Without siting restrictions, cellular is an ideal way to connect to the best networks, keeping devices online and updated throughout product lifecycle.

– Existing, standardised infrastructure accelerates deployment
– Secure remote access optimises and simplifies management
– Reliable global footprint that no other connectivity option can provide
– Established network infrastructure can support thousands of devices per km2
– Most secure connectivity option, with automatic data encryption and identity protection
– Licensed bandwidths provide much greater reliability and performance
– Cellular connectivity infrastructure is backed, licensed and constantly upgraded by government institutions
– eUICC technology enables remote software updates and gives network profile flexibility for futureproof solutions