Global Connectivity

ZARIOT offers global roaming options to help support businesses expanding locally and internationally. Roaming is available across hundreds of networks and in nearly every country. Bespoke data plans can be offered to help support the exact data and location requirements of a business in each market.



2G/3G, 4G, LTE-M (CAT M1) and NB-IoT

Technology-agnostic approach: ZARIOT multi-mode SIM card supports all GSM technologies. Against a background of changing radio standards and network coverage, ZARIOT ensures maximum availability for its customers at all times.

Seamless Roaming

With multiple operators available per country, devices have widely available connectivity so they remain online.

Precision steering automatically switches devices to the optimum network for the best network performance and coverage.

Configure permanent or temporary network blacklisting/whitelisting at any time per device to achieve fine grain control over your fleet.

Fast, Local Data Access

Regional Breakout (RBO) in Europe, North America, and Asia decreases latency by offering automatic connection to the closest possible IP network.

Network Type and Count

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