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Balancing innovation and security to drive growth

Freedom to securely innovate

Don't let security concerns hold back opportunities for growth

From QoS to blockchain, our growing partner network is continuously pushing technical boundaries to add value and functionality to your business.

With feature-rich SIMs, we give you the ability to explore the untapped potential of cellular networks without compromising on security.

A security solution that simplifies IoT projects and reduces costs

Cost-saving with easy
configuration and maintenance​

  • Lower administrational overhead with no static IPs and reduced need for VPN
  • Secure access with remote provisioning and easy configuration
  • Significantly reduced security architecture​

Achieve GDPR and
ETSI EN 303 645 compliance

  • Compliancy reduces time to market
  • Full data control addresses many GDPR obligations
  • Meets 70% of EU toolbox regulations


Protect your IoT devices from risks and threats

Location tracking

SMS interception


Denial of Service

Network information disclosure


Falsifying content

Data interception

SIM-based security features

End-to-end data privacy with IoT Trust

Never before has it been possible to extend data privacy all the way to the end user. ZARIOT and Atsign’s collaborative solution provides true end-to-end encryption.

IoT Trust vs GSMA IoT SAFE​
IoT Trust extends data encryption to the application. It supports many of the objectives of the GSMA's acclaimed IoT SAFE and complements it by easing the barrier of adoption with a low-cost solution.

Embedded blockchain for unrivalled security and attestation

SmartAxiom applies embedded blockchain on ZARIOT SIMs to leverage an established tamper-resistant root of trust. The protectionism and provenance offered enables the secure sharing of information while decreasing risk and compliance costs.

SIM information protection

In-house anti-IMSI catcher developed and patented to protect IoT devices from local DoS and data interception. This applet affords the device similar IMSI-catcher protection instigated 5G in all mobile generations

Protect the DNA of your IoT solution:
End-to-End Security

SIM as root of trust to enable data encryption

Patented anti-IMSI catcher and APN lock

Tailored SIM functionality to support your device

Award-winning cellular core security

Telecommunications security expertise

Continual ongoing protection methodology

Full end-to-end encryption 

Innovative user access data networks

VPN security between networks

  • Our security solution won a GLOMO Award for the best use of technology to safeguard personal data and to help network operators and service providers combat fraudulent access to networks.

  • ZARIOT's CC-Global Award for 'Best IoT Solution Provider' highlighted the need to look beyond securing connectivity to focus on the final solution security

Secure mobile network

Award-winning signalling security provides protection against location tracking, DoS, data interception, fraud, and more.


Complex encryption and hashing algorithms guarantee security over internet.


Individual username and password ensure authenticiy of each device, preventing SIM fraud.