Is key to successful IoT, we deliver protection from your devices, to application, users and beyond  

Protect the DNA of your IoT

  • SIM as root of trust to enable data encryption
  • Patented Anti-IMSI Catcher and APN lock
  • Tailored SIM functionality to support your device
  • Award-winning cellular core security
  • Telecommunication security expertise
  • Continual ongoing protection methodology

  • Full end-to-end encryption
  • VPN security between networks
  • Innovative user access data solutions

Dedicated to Cellular Security

ZARIOT was born out of the desire to secure cellular IoT and is able to bring an extensive proven track record of telecom security expertise.

This ongoing commitment fully protects IoT devices from attacks that exploit known vulnerabilities in mobile network architecture.

Signalling Security Prevents:

  • Location Tracking
  • Denial of Service
  • SMS Interception
  • Data Interception
  • Fraud
  • Network Information Disclosure


Data Privacy and Control

The best way to secure data is to protect the data, not the tunnel. Data control and access is key to a comprehensive security strategy and prevention of data breaches.

Through partnerships for innovation, we are able to bring simple and efficient encryption technology to cellular IoT.

End-to-end Encryption and IP Layer Security Prevents:

  • Attacks on the data generated and consumed by IoT devices
  • Data Interception (eavesdropping)
  • Using devices as the source of active attacks on Internet resources (botnets)
  • Modifying data (falsifying content)


End to End

From Device to Application – and Beyond


  • Fully Encrypted, Decentralised Keys
  • No Static IP addresses on Device
  • Zero Touch Provisioning

Innovative encryption technology using unique identifiers for each device, extends the security model to include true end-to-end encryption of IoT data by integrating the open-source @platform, and using the SIM as a root of trust.

This comprehensively secures the data plane, in addition to the existing security for the cellular control plane. It also radically simplifies the ability for applications to access data from IoT devices securely.  

  • Flexible, Futureproof Architecture
  • Cryptographically controlled data access
  • Access and updates tailored per user or device persona
  • Retrofit existing devices without additional hardware



  • Experts in signalling security
  • Best of breed technology
  • Award-winning mobile network security solutions

The network in any IoT solution must be secured to achieve end-to-end security and cellular is no exception. Even with robust data security and control, devices are still open to attacks over mobile network architecture.

Inherent vulnerabilities in the signalling protocols that control mobile network traffic are frequently exploited, exposing IoT devices to a variety of attacks if the core home network is not properly secured.

  • Dynamic Signalling Protection for SS7, Diameter, GTP, and SIP
  • 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M and NB-IoT networks can be secured
  • Monitored and updated constantly in response to industry recommendations and emerging threats
  • Patented protection against IMSI-catchers protects from device to core network



The ubiquity of IoT devices exposes the IP network to an ever-increasing threat of attack.

Confidentiality, integrity, and authentication must be guaranteed on the IP layer.

  • Complex encryption and hashing algorithms used by IPSEC VPN tunnels guarantee security
  • Optional redundant connection to your data centre or any other specified destination by using multiple IPSEC VPN tunnels
  • End-to-end security from malicious internet-based content – Packets never touch unmanaged internet bearer
  • Easy configuration and maintenance for many devices at once – Traffic can be initiated from device or data center
  • VPN-only, internet-only access or both simultaneously customised per device

APN Lock

APN Lock

Requires each device to authenticate by using an individual username and password before transmitting data. This feature works similarly to an IMEI lock to prevent costly data usage fraud.