Build simple, secure IoT healthcare solutions to revolutionize the industry

Bespoke IoT tools and solutions enable real-time and remote monitoring across various health care devices to improve lives of all involved.

Implement sustainable and scalable smart features to transform care delivery and enhance patient outcomes

Integrating IoT features into medical services and devices greatly improves quality and effectiveness of service, especially for patients with chronic conditions and those requiring close monitoring.

Resilient solutions with seamless integration enables healthcare providers to expand their offerings, and support any number of devices all over the world.

Accelerate insight driven decisions while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing all data is safe, from device-to-cloud.

Discover smarter healthcare opportunities

How IoT adds value to your offerings with these key features

Real-Time Data

Reliable 24/7 connectivity means accurate devices, saving patients’ lives through rapid detection of changing behaviour patterns.

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Compliance Support

Ensure devices comply with differing medical devices, privacy and cybersecurity regulations around the globe.

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End-to-End Security

Data from your device is transmitted in a fully secure way from start to finish, regardless of where it is in the world.

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Here are some IoT solutions you can develop with ZARIOT

Remote patient monitoring

An increasingly connected healthcare ecosystem means the generation of vast amounts of personal and patient data.Improve patient satisfaction scores while safeguarding data from unauthorized access with a highly reliable and robust connectivity option. Read more about our solution for Remote Patient Monitoring.

Chronic condition monitoring

Patients want greater transparency, connectedness, and autonomy in their remote care.Reduce the risk of hospital readmissions and introduce remote healthcare solutions to new markets without being hindered by connectivity issues. Read more about our solution for Chronic Condition Monitoring.

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