Secure IoT applications makes retail smarter by improving processes and customer satisfaction

Complete control of events from production through to storage and last-mile distribution helps ensure customers' expectations are exceeded

Automate repetitive retail processes and simplify inventory management with real-time insights

The way customers shop, pay and interact with their favorite stores and brands has led to the emergence of new forms of retail experiences.

This is driving retailers to reach for increasingly innovative solutions to enhance customer experiences and increase their competitive advantage.

Connected devices can not only optimize various retail processes, but adapt to evolving needs as retailers discover new ways IoT can serve customers.All our connectivity solutions are designed with flexibility, scalability and security in mind.

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We can support your project with our IoT solutions with these key features

End-to-End Ecryption

Handle confidential data in a fully secure way. GDPR and Toolbox compliant with award-winning signaling security.

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Single SIM, Global Connectivity

A single ZARIOT eSIM gives you access to over 650 mobile networks across 190 countries. And we’re just getting started.

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Customer Satisfaction

Reliable cellular infrastructure reduces latency and downtime by switching you to the best networks available.

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Build Once, Scale infinitely

Backwards compatibility reduces costs and simplifies logistics, allowing for rapid out-of-the-box deployment.

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Here are some IoT solutions you can develop with ZARIOT

Automated product distribution

When machines experience tempering or a malfunction it results in downtime and lost revenue. Real-time insights enables maintenance coordination and adjustments of delivery schedules based on sales. Read more about our solutions for Automated Product Distribution Systems.

Point of sales

Cashless solutions are becoming the norm, putting payment processes at the front and center of retail. For smooth, secure service, devices need to automatically connect to the best signals to decrease transactional latency. Read more about our solution for Point of Sales Systems.

Consumer analytics

Fast evolving trends and purchasing patterns require flexible and adaptable solutions to outmaneuver competitors. Make better key business decisions with seamless, easily scalable solutions that can be deployed globally. Read more about our solution for Consumer Analytics.

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