Flexibility to give you the features you want

The ZARIOT portal is developed inhouse and is fully customisable to include a wide range of connectivity-related capabilities

Easy integration with open APIs

Extensive, simple open APIs allow you to easily integrate information, functionality and management control into your own environment. Your information, your management, your way, your customers' experience.

Deeper insights with detailed analytics

Beyond SIM management, you get real-time visibility of your devices, from individual to fleet-level. This includes data related to usage, anomaly detection, root cause analysis, and more. Make decisions based on accurate device performance, at the right moment.

Agile, simple, customisable management

Greater control

We fully own and operate our own core network functions. This ensures greater control over connectivity functionality, transparency, real-time capabilities and higher levels of security for you and your customers.

Agile SIM and device management

Provide a ‘single pane of glass’ management to deliver a seamless experience for users. Track performance and data usage, troubleshoot and react – on one, all, or custom groups of devices.

Streamline customer experience with multitenancy

Multitenancy allows resellers to easily assign user access to customers to self-manage IoT devices and data. A multitenant platform allows you to futureproof your business growth with simple consolidated management, while maintaining quality of service.