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Choose from over 15 different SIM applets, featuring blockchain, QoS, added security, and more.

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eUICC capable SIMs, eSIMs and iSIMs

One SIM for all destinations

Automatic switching to optimal network for roaming and static devices

Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC) is a software stack which facilitates remote provisioning of mobile operators over-the-air, enabling a device to switch mobile network without having to change the SIM. More than that, however, it is storage capacity that can be used to add value to your IoT project.

eSIM can refer to an ’embedded SIM’, consisting of a chip directly embedded in the device rather than using a SIM card.

It can also mean ‘enhanced SIM’, referring to the expanded hardware, firmware and SIM management functionality provided by eUICC technology.

The integrated SIM (iSIM) is the next step in the evolution of the SIM card.
The iSIM is a Tamper-Resistant Element (TRE) integral to a System on a Chip (SoC). This means a vacuum-sealed chip is soldered directly onto a processor, integrating SIM functionalities as part of the device’s existing processing hardware. This leads to a smaller, more power efficient and secure solution which seamlessly integrates with all generations of mobile networks.

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Custom development resources on SIM

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ZARIOT has the technical expertise to open the flexibility of telecommunications to IoT.

Complex SIM technology is no longer a hindrance to your project. We can tailor SIM applets for your device or service.

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Global SIMs

SIM Cards

-Widely used in standardised devices -Easily swapped in or out of a device -Simply plug in, enable, and use -3 sizes: mini, micro, nano


-Surface-mount SIM permanently soldered to the circuit board during manufacturing -Prevents physical SIM theft -Simplify manufacturing and logistics with one SKU -3 sizes: USON-8 (2x2 mm), USON-6 (3x2.3 mm), MFF2 (5x6 mm)


-Integrated into device processor -Fewer components and simplified PCB design reduce costs -70% less power consumption -20x performance enhancement -Environmentally friendly

Beecham Researh has forecast that Connected cars, Retail POS, Health monitoring, trackers and Smart Metering will represent more than 80% of the market in terms of eSIM volume in 2025