We customise pricing for every single partner so that you don’t pay for what you don’t use and so that you know what to expect from your bills.

One Contract. One Bill. One Global Supplier.


We have flexible pricing models and work with you to find the most suitable data plan. Our prices are calculated according to the specific requirements of your project:


How many SIMs do you need? The cost per SIM reduces according to the number of SIMs purchased.

Traditional SIMs or embedded SIMs (eSIMs)? The different types of SIM offer different advantages according to device type.


How much data do you need? The data rate will depend on the volume required.

Do your devices use a predictable amount of data, or does it vary greatly from month to month? Different pricing models are adapted for different data needs. 


What type of coverage are you looking for?This includes variables such as static versus roaming devices, what type of networks you require, and how many networks you will be connecting to.

Where do you want to deploy? ZARIOT offers global connectivity, organised into five different zones. Tariffs are calculated according to which zone(s) you will be operating in.


Fixed rate

Fixed rate per SIM per annum. Includes data and fees for a predictable fixed monthly cost.

Best suited to deployments with predictable data patterns and low usage, such as metering or other fixed assets.

Aggregated pool

SIMs are purchased with a specified amount of data per month, per SIM.  All data is added to a shared total data pool, enabling cost-efficient and data-efficient data usage. 

Most suitable for deployments where devices of the same type use variable amounts of data.

Global pool

Data and SIMs are purchased separately, allowing complete freedom to scale up the number of devices and their data usage independently of each other.

Best in deployments with SIMs that vary greatly in their usage.

eUICC capable SIMs and eSIMs
  • One SIM for all destinations, simplifying logistics
  • Automatic switching to optimal network for roaming and static devices
Cellular connection for all your IoT devices worldwide with one contract
  • 190+ countries, 450+ networks
  • 2G/3G, 4G, LTE-M (CAT M1), NB-IoT
Secured end-to-end connectivity
  • Signalling firewall
  • IPSec VPN
  • APN Lock
Management Portal
  • Manage, organise and view usage of SIMs
  • Order additional SIMs

Support not service

ZARIOT promises not customer service, but partnership-level support to ensure successful integration of new connected systems


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Connected. Protected.