IoT World Day 2021

IoT Day is April 9th and organizations from around the world take part in various events to raise awareness about innovation, security and new developments in IoT. In addition to our participation at IoT Day Slam, we will be paying special attention to events and presentations related to security. We’ve picked our top events not to miss:

Business-critical devices and the constraints of regulations, by Stuart Mitchell (ZARIOT)

Join ZARIOT at @IoTslam online to learn more about what can be done despite weak regulation to ensure uptime of business-critical devices. Date / Time: Fri, 9th of April – on-demand and online.

Building the Internet of Trust. By TWINDS Foundation

This session reviews progressive approaches to “Digital Identity”, addresses key ingredients to building trust, how the technology works, why it needs more than technology and why this all matters. Date / Time: Fri, 9th of April  – 11:00 – 12:00, UTC / GMT 09:00.

IoT Day Roundtable with 4 EU H2020 Project

An online discussion on the latest developments of the industry with some of the premier partners of IoT research. Key topics include: The role of EU R&D projects in solving IoT security weaknesses, Key IoT security challenges, The potential of an EU wide IoT security standard, IoT visions – What to expect in 5 and 10 years time.Date / Time: Fri, 9th of April  – 12:00 – 13:30, UTC / GMT 10:00.

5G and IoT Security by IoT Report

In this event, security experts warn of threats to the 5G IoT environment, such as advanced persistent threats and web application layer vulnerabilities. Date / Time: Fri, 9th of April – 15:00 – 17:00, UTC / GMT 10:30.

A series of IoT Slam 2021 talks:

Keynote: Time to reboot IoT security, by Bryan Tantzen (Cisco IoT)

This session will describe the accelerating transformational opportunity IoT is driving with real-world use cases as well as how new capabilities and processes are key to unlocking this value. Participants will walk away with several best practice capabilities to explore in their organizations to accelerate and enable IoT initiatives. Date / Time: Fri, 9th of April – 11:15- 11:45, UTC / GMT 16:15 – 16:45.

An IoT security awareness and system hardening advisory tool for smart home devices, by Aimee Shepherd 

This undergraduate research project will be presented by Aimee Shepherd, a student at Bournemouth University. The nature of the project is to design and implement this tool to allow manufacturers/retailers to assess the security state of their IoT’s in line with the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Database and provide recommendations and solutions to any possible vulnerabilities. Aimee requests professional feedback for her presentation and the designs of her tool. Date / Time: Fri, 9th of April – on-demand and online.

The evolution of chip to cloud security and future threats, by Satyajit Sinha (IoT Analytics)

Security and privacy are global concerns in IoT deployments. This session will focus on the security subject since the adoption of chip-to-cloud. Date / Time: Fri, 9th of April – on-demand and online.

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