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One global IoT SIM for
optimal connectivity

Automatic network switching for reliable, secure connectivity for roaming and static devices.

Begin building today!

3 IoT SIMs

650+ Networks

190+ Countries

Full portal access

Global, best-performing connectivity

Multiple operators per country, seamless roaming, precision steering

Analytics and reports

In-depth analytics and comprehensive, exportable reports

Easy integration

Efficient integration to your business process with comprehensive APIs

End-to-end security

Protected IoT, fom device to application - and beyond

Simple management

Simplicity in provisioning and lifecycle management of your solution

Partner support

Partnership-level support to facilitate project success

At ZARIOT, we lend flexibility and innovation to telecoms by harnessing the full potential of the SIM. Our eUICC SIMs (available in various form factors – mini, micro, nano, eSIM, iSIM) provide custom development resources and applets that are specifically tailored to your device, service, and evolving needs. Accelerate and simplify your IoT projects with us today.