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Fully customisable
IoT platform for all
the features you need

Our multi-tenant Z portal is developed in-house and includes a wide range of connectivity-related capabilities.

Gain real-time visibility of your devices for insights into data usage, anomaly detection, root cause analysis, and more.

Global, best-performing connectivity

Multiple operators per country, seamless roaming, precision steering

Analytics and reports

In-depth analytics and comprehensive, exportable reports

Easy integration

Efficient integration to your business process with comprehensive APIs

End-to-end security

Protected IoT, fom device to application - and beyond

Simple management

Simplicity in provisioning and lifecycle management of your solution

Partner support

Partnership-level support to facilitate project success

Our in-house device management portal gives you real-time visibility of your IoT fleet – monitor devices, usage, run diagnostics, and more. Extensive, simple open APIs allow for easy integration into your own environment. Plus, customize reports and data visualizations with ease for intuitive and accurate insights.