Basics of Signalling Security

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This document is intended to simplify the complexities of mobile network signalling and security through the lens of a cellular IoT deployment. For all entities working with cellular IoT and M2M devices, it is crucial to understand the potential dangers of cellular connectivity and the attack vector when considering a comprehensive security strategy.

A brief history of cellular signalling and security, the basics of signalling protocols, network elements, and their purposes

Learn why mobile networks have never been secure, possible attack types and methodology over signalling protocols, practical steps to protecting IoT devices, and why VPN simply is not thorough enough

Gain insight into the current state of security as reported by mobile operators themselves. Discover what levels of visibility operators have over signalling attacks and what actions are taken (and not taken) to prevent these attacks

Explore future trends in cellular IoT such as the expansion of NB-IoT, the end of 2G and the dawn of 5G as well as what these trends mean for IoT security

Understand the importance of protecting cellular connectivity and how this can be accomplished for any IoT or M2M deployment