Bean to Cup: Blockchain Technology in the Coffee Supply Chain

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SmartAxiom applies deep embedded software to protect IoT devices and data using decentralized blockchain technology. Blockchain enables the secure sharing of information, allowing for the immutable and transparent recording of all data and transactions.

In an industry first, SmartAxiom’s end-to-end solution combines with ZARIOT to embed blockchain ledger tokens and data encryption on the SIM/eSIM. This leverages an established tamper-proof root of trust with ZARIOT’s global coverage for unrivalled security, attestation, and connectivity.

For enterprises, the protectionism and provenance our solution offers creates opportunities by decreasing risk and compliance costs. These benefits can be achieved in the real world today using examples from a familiar industry – coffee.

But how can blockchain technology protect, as well as create a net positive impact on the coffee industry? Read on to find out more.