Flipping the Internet of Things

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ZARIOT and Atsign, in partnership with Kigen, have developed IoT Trust, an innovative IoT data privacy solution which uses the SIM as the root of trust. This makes projects more effective and faster to deploy while providing true end-to-end (E2E) encryption, controlled data access, futureproof security and zero-touch provisioning. The whitepaper outlines all you need to know about the SIM-based security solution, and how together these technologies may revolutionise data security and privacy from the internet, to every “thing”.

– The SIM as a tamper-proof root of trust on cellular IoT devices

-Learn what true end-to-end encryption really entails, and how it can be provided for cellular

-IoT devices, without any additional hardware requirements

-Find out how the solution enables full data sovereignty for the end user and how E2E encryption of all communication can be used to tailor access to data, simplifying GDPR obligations while reducing overheads

-Discover how reliance on other security infrastructure is reduced and lock-in prevented

-Read how simple provisioning options can reduce cost while increasing security

-Understand how the technology ensures a flexible, lifetime solution