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The EU is set to have the most well-defined IoT security and privacy regulations in the world, and other regions will soon follow suit. Security solutions in IoT are nearly as prevalent as IoT solutions themselves, yet this very abundance could be causing as many problems as it solves, especially when it comes to compliance. As manufacturers, solution owners, and even system integrators address security with buzzwords and piece-meal solutions, they increase future operating overhead and financial risk – with potentially devastating consequences. 


In this panel we will discuss:

  • The role of collaboration in compliance with regulations.
  • How forming future-looking security communities provides reliable and effective security solutions through the lifetime of an IoT device or project.
  • How cooperation among vendors can be leveraged at every step in the value chain.

Meet your speakers

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Jones is Head of Security at ZARIOT and believes that for IoT to be truly effective, both security and connectivity are absolutely necessary and truly interdependent. Jimmy has a wealth of experience in cybersecurity and telecommunications and continually aims to prove that security is an opportunity for business – not a burden.

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Paul Bradley

Paul Bradley is the Director of Sales and Business Development at Kigen. Working with Tier 1 partners within the ecosystem, Paul develops and executes strategies based upon market insights to maintain Kigen’s position as an industry leader in secure identity from chip-to-cloud.Prior to Kigen, Paul worked at TM Forum, launching the solutions-oriented Open Digital Framework, and at Gemalto where he held various senior management and consulting roles in the digital security field. Paul has a BSc. in Applied Science (Computer Science & Software Engineering) from Trinity College and Technological University Dublin (formerly Dublin Institute of Technology).