How do ZARIOT SIMs enable connectivity?

come in all formats


All ZARIOT SIMs are eUICC, which means they have multiple operator profiles which are automatically, remotely programmed. This allows connection to multiple networks ensuring a seamless roaming experience and reliable coverage regardless of location.

9 IMSI operator virtual profiles or credentials can be stored on the eUICC

Automatically switched to optimal network when the device is turned on in the delivered country



eSIMs are a SIM chip instead of a SIM card that can be permanently embedded into a device during the manufacturing process. This improves endpoint security and prevents theft. Because ZARIOT eSIMs are also eUICC (remotely programmable), they can be provisioned at any time no matter their destination or location.


Can be permanently embedded, but remotely provisioned for the lifetime of the device.

Flexible and Reliable

Insert the same eSIM card or chip in every device manufactured, simplifying logistics of IoT deployment.

ZARIOT, Futureproof, Flexible and Reliable

Traditional SIM VS ZARIOT SIM Challenges

ChallengeTraditional SIMZARIOT SIM
ManufacturingTraditional SIM Removable Cannot be soldered to circuit-board Not durable or waterproof Must be carrier/location specificZARIOT SIM 1 eSIM can be permanently installed and sealed in devices through automated manufacturing processes regardless of destination or carrier
Global DeploymentTraditional SIM Must be installed with provider profile already loaded Must physically change SIM to change provider One operator onlyZARIOT SIM Automatically configured and connected to best local network OTA once activated in delivered country. Automatically switched for best service.
CoverageTraditional SIM Limited to one operator profile, one network, Limited to the roaming partner of that network (only) in each countryZARIOT SIM Allows a multitude of local networks as well as the ability to use roaming agreements from all other operator IMSI profiles when a local network is not available in order to access the best option at any moment
Reliable ServiceTraditional SIM Single operator credential relies on one network in each country with no option to change if unavailable. Obligates devices to roaming conditions instead of connecting to local network directlyZARIOT SIM 9 IMSI profiles allow devices to switch seamlessly between the various networks available within one country, providing constant reliable connectivity.
SecurityTraditional SIM Designed to be easily changed and therefore vulnerable to theftZARIOT SIM Non-removable embedded SIM provides physical security from SIM swapping and theft
RoamingTraditional SIM If a device migrates from the home network, it will be in a permanent roaming condition instead of benefiting from connecting to the local network. To change the home network of the device, the SIM itself must be changedZARIOT SIM Permanent roaming is avoided by automatic OTA updates of provider and use of multi-IMSI capabilities. More providers are available when roaming through multiple IMSIs and partner networks.

Compliant with the GSMA SGP.21