Case Study: YaWatt & ZARIOT accelerate towards a greener future

YaWatt E-Technologies (“YaWatt”) offers turn-key Electric Vehicle (EV) charging point management services. Adding value for both owners and businesses of electric vehicles. They enable businesses to explore new revenue models by managing all operations of public EV charging points.

Using secure, global connectivity with flexible pricing provided by ZARIOT, YaWatt is prepared for rapid expansion while enhancing their customer experience.

We need a solution that will be always ready when we need it” – Fabiano Ferreira, Founder, YaWatt

The prospect

To date, over 20 countries have announced the full phase-out of internal combustion engine (ICE) car sales over the next decades.

Moreover, more than 120 countries that make up almost 85 percent of the global road vehicle fleet have announced economy-wide net-zero emissions pledges. Aiming to reach net zero in the coming few decades.

With this rapid uptake of electric vehicles, infrastructure associated with EVs is also expected to witness extensive growth. In fact, there has been a 30 percent year-on-year increase of EV chargers in the EU alone. With the market size expected to be valued at USD$115 billion by 2027.

Keeping up with exploding demand has proven challenging. Without reliable and consistent access to EV chargers, EV owners face constant inconvenience to keep their batteries powered.

The collaboration

Fabiano Ferreira, founder of YaWatt, understands the challenges surrounding EV charging infrastructure. Managing charging sessions and driver’s management can be difficult for clients which involves billing customers, monitoring usage, and more. Locating available EV chargers can also quickly become a headache for most EV owners.

The result was the creation of YaWatt. A company created to help address these problems and help accelerate and simplify EV adoption. Founded in 2022, the company developed an EV management platform and reward systems for EV owners. While also introducing and operating their own charging stations in public locations that have been overlooked by other EV solution providers.

Thanks to YaWatt’s international agreements, their chargers are visible on major European mobile apps for the EV charging network. This makes charging stations easier to find, without having to download yet another app.

Additionally, by rewarding drivers for every charge, EV owners can accumulate points that can be exchanged for goods and services with participating partners. Creating a win-win solution for both EV owners and partners alike.



According to Fabiano, the decision to work with ZARIOT was an easy one. He explains, “we see the potential that ZARIOT has, operating across the world, I was discussing with my business partner, and we didn’t know where the next installation was going to be.”

With one contract, ZARIOT provides seamless cellular connectivity for best performance across 650 networks, in over 190 countries.

Fabiano also highlights “the flexibility of the pricing according to the volume of data that is used”, opening the possibility of customizing their services according to price.

With different pricing models – fixed rate, aggregated and global pool – ZARIOT CEO, Dawood Ghalaieny reiterates that “ZARIOT brings a new and flexible approach to IoT pricing models, challenging the commercial norms of telecoms”.

Naturally, with the rise of cybersecurity regulations around the world (e.g., EU NIS2 Directive, UK electric vehicles (Smart Charge Points) Regulations 2021), Fabiano also mentioned ZARIOT’s emphasis on cybersecurity a significant advantage. “We are thinking of the future regarding safety of the communication since YaWatt is dealing with payments and it (cybersecurity) was an important feature”.


Towards a greener future

In 2020, 10 million electric vehicles hit the roads. With sales of electric cars totalling 4.6 percent of total car sales around the world. With continuing support for EVs, YaWatt plans to continue expanding into markets like Spanish major cities.

In addition, Fabiano expects to see the service installed in more varied locations as well, with charging stations integrated into more commercial facilities like offices, public parking garages, and recreational facilities. To meet this demand, YaWatt and ZARIOT will continue to work together to facilitate the management and operation of the EV charging stations in these expanded areas.

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