ZARIOT and BeOne to Bring Secure IoT Connectivity to Aviation and Beyond

German consultancy offers clients secure cellular connectivity in mission-critical IoT applications

BeOne, as exclusive sales partner of ZARIOT for the German speaking countries, now offers the world’s only SIM with signalling security. The aviation industry presents a number of opportunities for digital transformation, and few understand this as well as BeOne. The consulting firm, based in Hamburg has exceptional pedigree in engineering for aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, airlines, and MRO operations. More recently the firm is setting itself apart for its competence in digital operations, as well as in sectors such as medical and automotive. 

Ulf Siegosch, CEO BeOne Hamburg GmbH

Digital networking is omnipresent today, from connected cars to communication between machines or even just the company mobile phone. “The issue of data security via the mobile phone network is also becoming increasingly important.” said Ulf Siegosch, CEO BeOne Hamburg GmbH “The success of IoT services will, in the future, be determined by the security of the applications. With ZARIOT’s product we can now offer our customers exactly the right solution.“ 

Many other solutions offer VPN and encryption for the IP layer, but neglect to secure the signalling protocols which control the transmission of data over mobile networks. Clients look to BeOne to find and deliver the most cutting edge security solutions for highly sensitive IoT projects. 

“The critical nature of security in sectors like aviation, medical and automotive  cannot be overstated. Often the responsibility for delivering end-to end security solutions falls not to any one vendor, but to the solutions provider or systems integrator.” said Dawood Ghalaieny, CEO ZARIOT.  “In BeOne we have a partner that is as passionate as we are about securing the loopholes across complex, fast-moving cellular IoT deployments.” 

The general public relies on industries like transportation and the medical field to be engineered to the highest safety and security standards. ZARIOT and BeOne aim to bring more visibility to the potential weaknesses in cellular IoT security to ensure that these sectors and technologies have the protection consumers rightly expect. 


ZARIOT was founded with the mission to restore order to what is becoming connected chaos in IoT by bringing unrivalled security, control and quality of service. ZARIOT offers secure cellular connectivity globally for IoT and M2M devices, with signaling, IP, and Zero Trust security solutions for enterprises. An experienced team of engineers bring the knowledge and expertise of over 15 years of innovation in telecom security to IoT sectors such as medical, automotive, telematics, and personal security.

About BeOne

BeOne was founded in 2004, with a focus in the first years on engineering services. Today we develop sustainable solutions with our engineers, industrial engineers, IT specialists and business economists to ensure the medium-term competitiveness and existence of our customers. In the course of digitalisation our competences have grown together to DIGITAL OPERATIONS. We connect to achieve first-class results. Whether creativity and professionalism, curiosity and experience, specialists and generalists; interdisciplinary cooperation is the key to making our customers fit for the future.

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