ZARIOT and Finnovant Inc. Announce New Secure Multi-Platform Partnership

The most secure handset on the market combines blockchain, biometrics, and now a secure SIM

ZARIOT and Finnovant Inc. today announced a new multi-platform partnership that combines the security of the ZARIOT Global IoT SIM with the secure Finnovant Phēnix X1 smartphone, powered by a dedicated, open-source Blockchain, and secured with Finnovant’s Say-Tec on-device facial and voice biometrics. ZARIOT is the leading global SIM provider for secure IoT communication.

 “Securing the data security and privacy of mobile devices is our DNA. Working with Finnovant to secure critical communication over cellular is an essential application of data-only SIMs.” said Dawood Ghalaieny, CEO, ZARIOT. “The security the Phēnix X1 offers its users is unprecedented and represents a huge leap in handset capability.”

Recognizing cellular connectivity as a potential security weakness in the overall connected device ecosystem, Finnovant sought a connectivity partner that was able to provide a secure, global SIM solution for the transmission of sensitive transactions and information the smartphone is designed to safeguard.

“We are thrilled to partner with ZARIOT and offer a highly secure mobile platform leveraging the ZARIOT SIM ecosystem along with the secure features in the Phēnix X1 that customers need for secure mobile data exchange,” said Brian Maw CEO, Finnovant. “Our focus is to work with best of breed technology companies like ZARIOT to help our clients grow and improve their business with innovative security solutions.”

ZARIOT also provides maximum coverage and quality of service through access to all major US mobile networks as well as global data coverage. The integrated partnership will provide customers of the Phēnix X1 a fully secured and connected device that is easy to activate and scale globally. The smartphone is suitable for high-security operations and personnel such as military, government officials, and executives.


ZARIOT was founded with the mission to restore order to what is becoming connected chaos in IoT by bringing unrivalled security, control and quality of service. ZARIOT offers secure cellular connectivity globally for IoT and M2M devices, with signalling, IP, and Zero Trust security solutions for enterprises. An experienced team of engineers bring the knowledge and expertise of over 15 years of innovation in telecom security to IoT sectors such as medical, automotive, telematics, and personal security.

About Finnovant Inc.

Finnovant Inc. was founded in April 2018 with the vision of helping business leaders dramatically improve the way they interact with their critical information and their customers. Our focus has been on developing emerging technologies with secure blockchain solutions, and improving digital security for our customers. To ensure these technology environments are secure, Finnovant provides biometric authentication which also helps thwart Identity Theft and Fraud. Learn more at and follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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