ZARIOT, Kigen and The @ Company Along with Google and Microsoft Endorse Global Initiative on Consumer IoT Security

Global consensus for IoT security

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has gathered stakeholders from all sectors to lay the groundwork for the next revolution in cybersecurity. ZARIOT, Kigen and The @ Company, along with Google and Microsoft, are among those who have joined forces with Consumers International, I Am the Cavalry and the Cybersecurity Tech Accord on a joint statement through the WEF to establish a global consensus on 5 consumer IoT security provisions.  

Insecure consumer IoT devices

The number of connected devices now numbers in the billions and these devices are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives. This amplifies exposure to cyber risks, increasingly threatening the safety and privacy of individuals and families. Many of the consumer IoT devices being brought to market lack sufficient security features. Alarmed by rising threats stemming from insecure IoT devices, consumer, hacker and industry groups, representing over 400 organisations, have joined forces through the World Economic Forum to build consensus on consumer IoT security devices. 

A global baseline for better protection

While a patchwork of regulations, laws and standards already exist in many countries, establishing a recognised global baseline for consumer IoT is the only means of facilitating a more resilient and trusted digital future in today’s globally connected society. 

The joint statement on cybersecurity aims to fuel global adoption of a baseline built on 5 pillars, laying the groundwork for the next generation of consumer and business IoT technology, and ultimately ensuring trust and engagement in IoT.  

These 5 standards, based on the EN 303 645, developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), are easy to implement and adopt worldwide: 

  1. No universal default passwords 
  2. Implementing a vulnerability disclosure policy 
  3. Keeping software updated 
  4. Securely communicating 
  5. Ensuring that personal data is secure 

Continued collaboration for best practice

The goal of the statement of support is to initiate immediate action from vendors and manufacturers to adopt these baseline standards, guidelines and best practices. ZARIOT, Kigen and The @ Company plan to continue working together through the World Economic Forum’s Council on the Connected World and Centre for Cybersecurity on technology governance.  

For more information on the WEF initiative, read the Statement and Agenda Post, or contact to learn about endorsement and how to get involved.

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ZARIOT is an award-winning cellular IoT connectivity and security solutions provider that offers both end-to-end encryption and security; delivering simple, versatile, efficient connectivity at scale, through unwavering partnership and innovative technology. They provide reliable, global coverage; and scalable, future-proof security solutions to IoT device manufacturers, solution owners, and systems integrators. ZARIOT believes that security should be as agile as your business and aims to simplify the deployment and long-term management of devices throughout the device lifecycle, from beginning to end.    

About The @ Company 

The @ Company is a community of Internet optimists compelled by the belief that privacy is a fundamental right. The @ Company is flipping the Internet by giving consumers control of their private information through the open-source @platform. This framework enables developers to create applications for People, Entities, and Things, featuring secure exchange of information between known parties. The @platform offers people an intuitive and simple way to securely access and share their data. All @platform apps are accessed via a unique identification and authentication approach: the @sign — the key for people to reclaim their power online. 

About Kigen 

Kigen makes the future of securing connectivity simple. Together with partners and customers, they unlock new opportunities as (integrated) eSIM becomes the cornerstone of connected devices security. Their industry-leading SIM OS products enable over 2 billion SIMs, and their remote SIM provisioning and eSIM services drive this momentum further placing Kigen among the top 5 SIM vendors globally. Kigen holds a vision of a world where every device can connect securely and reliably.  

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