Add More Value to Your Low-Cost Sensors

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ZARIOT’s embedded eUICC SIMs are low-cost, low-power yet highly secure minicomputers. They are capable of generating addition value to most Internet of Things (IoT) applications. We provide solutions that are easy to integrate and use significantly less space and materials compared to traditional sensors by removing the need for extra housing or plastic.  

For example, by shifting the higher-level communication stack from the application process to a ZARIOT embedded eUICC SIM module, this streamlines production and makes operation processes more efficient.

This results in a reduction of power consumed during the manufacturing process. Immediately lowering hardware and development costs, while participating in a more environmentally sustainable overall solution. But that’s not all our solutions offer.



Value of ZARIOT Embedded eUICC SIMs 
  • Enterprises enjoy significant cost reductions by using pre-existing hardware devices and resources with the latest ZARIOT security and technology
    • Backwards capability through retrofitting provides a futureproof, readily scalable solution over which the operator maintains complete control
    • Supports an over-the-top zero-touch-provisioning (OTT ZTP) service by storing sensitive information from different security domains optimized for the average IoT sensor

  • Developers reduce system complexities. They no longer have to ensure all software running in the equipment can be individually trusted
    • ZARIOT embedded eUICC SIMs are capable of storing network credentials and running access applications in a secure and trusted environment, equipped with cryptographic co-processors powered by Atsign

  • Support and account managers no longer have to go through the hassle of negotiating and juggling multiple connectivity contracts
    • We provide global connectivity in over 190 countries, across more than 650 different networks. Multiple operator profiles also provide greater flexibility for global coverage while keeping roaming costs low
How to Integrate Low-Cost Sensors with ZARIOT Solutions

When we consider hardware like low-cost sensors, those available on the market today typically have 3 processors on board. One processor on the circuit card, a second in the baseband, and the last in the application processor itself. Together, these enable the collection of data and host higher-level communications (e.g. LwM2M, CoAP or MQ Telemetry Transport).

To work around this and reduce development costs, some manufacturers choose to implement higher-level communications in the baseband. While this may make room for an external application processor, it is an inflexible solution with the modem as a closed environment which can make it difficult to scale, upgrade and customize protocol stacks.

Instead, running higher-level protocol stacks can be handled solely with an embedded eUICC SIM. This also improves security as control is never exposed on the IP layer, running instead on the signaling network of the operator.

To take advantage of all these benefits and more, schedule a meeting with us to connect with one of our experts.

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