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How much does IoT adoption cost?

One of the most common questions we get (and rightfully so) is – How much is adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technology going to cost us? A quick online search for – IoT cost – will yield anything from a few … Read More

ZARIOT & Able Device help unlock the potential of your connectivity

The USD$31.6 billion internet of things (IoT) industry has completely altered the world for cellular connectivity providers. Before IoT, mobile carriers only had to worry about mobile phones and three basic functions: 1) call your wife, 2) text your mum, … Read More

The (network) core of connectivity

In contrast to radio access networks, elements of which can be seen (e.g., cell towers), the core network usually remains an invisible part of cellular communication systems. But what is a core network, what does it do, and why do … Read More

Recap: Smart City Expo World Congress 2023

Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 was an eventful one for us here at ZARIOT.   A quick recap The event-week brought together teams from five different offices across Europe – Dublin, Split, Barcelona, London and Madrid – to showcase … Read More

Benefits of ‘smart’ traffic management systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers a wide range of applications and solutions and one such use in smart cities is traffic management systems. Although often overlooked, traffic is one of the most important elements in determining a city’s live-ability … Read More

Differences between cellular modems, routers & gateways

The popularity of cellular IoT technology shows no signs of slowing down. Organizations benefiting from cellular IoT span various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, and more.   In fact, Ericsson forecasts roughly 5 billion cellular IoT connections by 2025, with … Read More

New GSMA Standard for IoT Further Unlocks eSIM Potential

In May 2023, the GSMA released details of the new eSIM standard for IoT devices (SGP 0.32). We highlight some of the key details and how it will support the next wave of mass IoT deployments. … Read More

5 Real World Applications of Cellular IoT For Smart Cities

Cellular IoT has the potential to alleviate the pressures of urbanization and make daily living more comfortable and secure for all inhabitants. Read on for the most common use cases in smart cities and examples of successful deployments. … Read More

GSMA IoT SAFE – Common Standards for IoT Security

IoT SAFE, a new GSMA standard launched in 2021 secures IoT application and data from ground, to cloud. Why does it matter and how can your IoT solutions stand to benefit from its features? Click on the link above to learn all about IoT SAFE and more. … Read More

iSIM: The Next Generation in Cellular Connectivity for IoT Deployments

If you thought the eSIM was the limit of SIM evolution, think twice. The next generation of IoT SIMs proves that the best things do come in (increasingly) smaller packages. Read on to learn more about the iSIM and how it can benefit your IoT deployments. … Read More