Driving Innovation and Opportunity at IoT Solutions World Congress 2023

The internet of things is helping people live and work smarter. For enterprises, IoT can provide real-time insights into how systems are working, increasing efficiencies, improving service delivery and minimising waste. Clearly, technology is changing the way we do things, but is also rapidly evolving itself. The IoT Solutions World Congress 2023 brought together enterprise and tech executives looking to leverage the most innovative technology to achieve disruptive, game-changing outcomes, and showcases latest developments in the industry. 

ZARIOT was there and enjoyed making new contacts and catching up with old ones!

Standing with our Friends

This year the ZARIOT stand highlighted the importance of partnership and collaboration in the IoT ecosystem as we came together with our friends Kigen, Atsign, TokenMe and Console Connect. At the stand we held meetings, built new partnerships, and hosted happy hour. Thank you to all who joined us there! 

Embedded Blockchain in Action

The testbeds are experimentation platforms deployed and tested in environments that reflect real world conditions. Only 10 testbed solutions were selected to exhibit the most advanced and innovative solutions. ZARIOT and partner SmartAxiom demonstrated the application of embedded blockchain technology in the supply chain at our testbed ‘The Most Secure Logistics Management Solution, From Ground to Cloud’.

The solution traced the surprisingly complex journey of  coffee – from bean to cup. Visitors to the testbed discovered, over a cup of freshly brewed coffee of course, how to optimise processes and streamline costs while providing full end-to-end security for devices and data.  

About SmartAxiom

SmartAxiom applies deep embedded software across the IoT ecosystem to secure devices, transactions and edge networks to make operations more efficient and agile for enterprises. SmartAxiom’s edge-oriented solution is based on blockchain technology. This decentralizes IoT security, device identification and authentication, ensuring the highest levels of data integrity and privacy at every step.

The smart choice for secure, flexible, available EV Charging

What is the future of flexible charging and data security? ZARIOT and partner CrossCharge demonstrated how putting users in control of their own data and how the collaboration of multiple companies to build a secure ecosystem is an exciting development in delivering safe, compliant solutions that create a better user experience and increase business productivity. CrossCharge brings citizens, businesses, drivers and technology together to create opportunity and flexibility – securely. Visitors to our booth learned how they, or their business, can generate revenue, and how patented encryption technology gives full control over data. 

Meet Transformation Trailblazers

ZARIOT and Kigen hosted a lively but informative afternoon reception for fellow Digital Transformation Trailblazers to exchange ideas. From those looking to enhance and scale their IoT, to early explorers of connected strategy, the event brought together players from across the IoT ecosystem to chat with leading experts in secure cellular connectivity, and to enjoy live music, local beer tasting and great comnpany.

IoT Solutions Awards

ZARIOT was delighted to be selected as a nominee for the Best Energy & Utilities Solution Award at the IoT Solutions Awards 2023. These awards celebrate companies that are transforming the way the world works by solving technical or business challenges using technology. They recognise the exceptional work of IoT and digital transformation in specific fields and highlight key players that are revolutionising industries by creating greater efficiencies, embracing sustainability and strengthening connections between people. Although we didn’t win this time round, we were honoured to be part of an inspiring line up of change-making finalists, and we are encouraged for the IoT industry that the importance of data privacy and security is being so highly recognised. Read more about the winning entries here.

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