IoT security

ZARIOT & Crypto Quantique strengthen IoT device security & simplify management

As an award-winning, global cellular IoT connectivity provider, ZARIOT allows customers to utilize telecom network tools to build their own bespoke and secure IoT solutions. We transform the SIM from a necessary but underutilized asset, into a secure, intelligent, independent … Read More

5 Ways to Build a Culture of Security in Your Organization

With a culture of security, organizations not only mitigate risks but improve compliance with regulations such as GDPR. Here are 5 practices to help build overall security maturity for your organization. … Read More

Taking Identity to the Edge (Devices)

Did you know that the concept of having a unique identity can be applied to the IoT ecosystem and on an even more granular level, each and every IoT device? Learn more here. … Read More

Q&A: Cybersecurity Standard ETSI EN 303 645

What is ETSI EN 303 645, what does it hope to achieve and how can you go about obtaining approval? We answer these question and more in this article. … Read More

Addressability in IoT Deployments

First time hearing about addressability for your IoT deployment? Don’t fret. We’re here to explore what it means and why it is becoming increasingly important in the IoT ecosystem. … Read More

GSMA IoT SAFE – Common Standards for IoT Security

IoT SAFE, a new GSMA standard launched in 2021 secures IoT application and data from ground, to cloud. Why does it matter and how can your IoT solutions stand to benefit from its features? Click on the link above to learn all about IoT SAFE and more. … Read More

LPWA Networks – Choices and Implications for Your IoT Devices

Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) networks are power-efficient technologies designed to transfer small amounts of data. But how do you choose the right LPWA module for your IoT project? Read on to learn more. … Read More

Best Practices to Safeguard Your IoT Project

With IoT implementation and deployment, challenges security can compound quickly, which drives up costs and delays progress. In this article, we outline some best security practices that you can consider when developing your current or future IoT project(s). … Read More

ZARIOT is GLOMO Awards 2023 Finalist for Best Mobile Security Solution

For the third year running, ZARIOT has been announced as a finalist for a GLOMO Award! The Global Mobile Awards are the mobile industry’s highest accolade, and nominees and winners are selected by a panel of leading experts from around … Read More

EU NIS2 Directive for Critical & Important Industries

The new NIS2 Directive is expected to come force 18 October 2024. Read more to find out how the expansion of the directive may affect your current IoT product suite and offerings. … Read More