ZARIOT Take a ‘Hacker’s Eye View’

Partnership for Security

SevenShift are a leading European IoT security specialist and a valued member of the ZARIOT IoT community. For three intensive days in December, 2021, ZARIOT engineers attended an IoT Security Bootcamp.

Engineers received a set of tools, IoT devices, gadgets, electronic elements that form the core of today’s IoT. Pablo Endres, an experienced trainer and a leading voice in IoT security, simulated an array of attacks and emerging threats to IoT devices and data transfer. SevenShift takes the “hacker’s-eye view,” attempting to circumvent security measures like a real criminal. Dario Petrovic, Senior Network Engineer at ZARIOT, described the course as “exceptional,” saying “Pablo had a lot of patience and was extremely well prepared for potential.”

The Forefront of Hacking

The course covered all of the attack surfaces for IoT devices, security issues, types of attacks, and vulnerabilities, as well as penetration methodologies, demos, and hands-on exercises covering Arduino, LED lamps, radio sniffers, and more. ZARIOT remain on the cutting edge of IoT security, protecting users from the attacks they don’t even know exist yet. This training from SevenShift was a magnificent opportunity to allow experienced and highly skilled engineers to better understand the hacker mindset and the angle of their attacks.

Dario summed things up perfectly, saying that over the three intensive days “without a doubt our IoT security awareness was raised and all of us have a better view on the state of IoT protection.”

Learn more about the suite of SevenShift services, including training.

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