ZARIOT & Able Device harness the full potential of the SIM

From optimizing business processes to improving cost efficiencies,

the benefits of implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) are immense. However, adoption is still not as prolific as you would expect. Research has shown that a key reason for this is the lack of technical expertise. Motivating calls for the ecosystem to significantly simplify the go-to-market process.

Our partnership with Able Device does exactly that, and more. It makes available the full flexibility and feature capabilities of a telecoms operator, for your IoT solution.

At ZARIOT, we have extensive experience in integrating additional security and functionality into our SIMs. Enabling both in-house and ecosystem partners’ features to deliver direct tangible benefits for your solution.

With Able Device’s SIMbae™, an innovated patented SIM applet,  we further streamline and accelerate development to transform the SIM from a necessary but underutilized asset, into an intelligent, independent processor for you.

As such, each SIM now provides more than just connectivity. It also provides you with free extra compute resource and a customizable tool that you can use to enhance your device(s). All at no additional costs.

Your IoT can benefit from this easily consumable, feature-rich, and effortlessly scalable solution today.

In the first of our four-part series, we provide an overview of the technology, key features, and benefits of our joint solution.


Why SIMs?

SIMs are a required component in all cellular connectivity. Acting as the tamper-proof security store for the telecom network for decades.

Recent initiatives like the GSMA’s IoT-Safe have started to use this root-of-trust for storage of encryption keys for IoT device protected data transmission. Thereby facilitating complete end-to-end data security and privacy for enterprises and solution owners.

However, ZARIOT and Able Device believe these developments are merely scratching the surface.

It’s time to fully unleash the true untapped potential and processing power of the new generation of eUICC SIMs.

To achieve this, ZARIOT have heavily relied on our inhouse SIM card specialists with decades of Java Card development experience. While this avoids a one-size-fits-all functionality approach, it is difficult to scale.


The joint solution

Able Device’s flagship product SIMbae™ supports the streamlining of IoT features, device controls, and applications, while embedded in ZARIOT eUICC SIMs.

SIMbae’s no-code configuration scripts allows the utilization of predefined templates or the ability to fully customize your own script for immediate implementation and prototyping. All without any Java Card experience.

With SIMbae, anyone can generate a SIM applet, with zero coding training necessary. Given this, you essentially have functionality running on a free compute resource that is also a globally accepted secure element. Thereby saving on your Bill of Materials (BoM) by increasing CPU and eliminating the need for an additional secure chip.

SIMbae utilizes established and common 3GPP SIM standards, meaning all applications are device agnostic. This gives you freedom to deploy on different elements across your estate, regardless of deployment size or project stage.

The solution eliminates hardware overheads, shortens time to market, reduces development costs, and delivers the best quality experience and security to your solution.


Examples of feature options

SIMbae’s flexibility means features are limited only by your imagination, however some are already available:

  • 24/7 remote device debugging & restart Via the ZARIOT SIM, SIMBae can deliver a host of valuable management tools, including device independent access to remotely restart, diagnose, and troubleshoot your devices in the field.
  • Asset location locking – The security of your device can be assured through device location monitoring that alerts you and provides status updates if your stationary asset moves.
  • Carrier connection control – Using ZARIOTs regional multi-operator connectivity access and SIMBae signal scanning, we can place connectivity, visibility, and control in your hands, allowing you to optimize the connectivity to your IoT needs.
  • Real-time device analytics – Gather “a device eye view” of your deployment with full access and proactive validation of service availability and performance. Further streamlining your monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Remote deactivationA device kill switch in the event your device is compromised by a malicious attack or stolen in the field.


Parting thoughts

The flexibility of SIMBae and ZARIOTs solution is available on both plastic and embedded SIM, giving you access to secure storage and additional computing resources on your device for free, regardless of your hardware choices.

The potential goes well beyond the off-the-shelf templates we’ve explored today. The powerful customization potential means you can adapt features including quality of service, diagnostics, device security, remote management, or a myriad of other options.

More importantly, you can create and tailor a service to address your specific situation. Connectivity and the SIM are now part of your toolbox, allowing you to fully consolidate and maximise your design.

Join us next week as we delve into how our solution facilitates innovation, allowing you to customize and experiment without ever sacrificing on security.

Realize your vision to deploy, manage, and enhance your IoT offering. Talk to us today to see how our solution can work for you. 

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