IOTSWC ’22 Interview Series – Marta Recasens

Will you be working in the fresh air under a Smart Totem in the future? In this interview from the IoT Solutions World Congress, Marta Recasens from vadeCity joins us to discuss the future of urban mobility, smart growth, and unshackling workers from offices.

Building the City of Tomorrow

vadeCity focuses on people. Their goal is to make solutions that benefit workers and commuters as we build the cities of tomorrow. At IoTSWC, vadeCity promoted two new ideas in the testbed section of the fair. The first demonstrated their transportation innovations, integrating ZARIOT SIM technology into smart parking structures and vehicles. The second showcased the Smart Totem, providing direct 5G access for outdoor working locations, freeing workers to be mobile without losing connectivity.

Your Transport is Waiting

vadeBike demonstration at IoT SWC 2022 in Barcelona

Through intelligent mobility, vadeCity proposes a solution for commuters regardless of the vehicle. Whether you have a private car, bike, or scooter or a shared one like Go Car, Mobike, or Lime, cities can implement new solutions to make top tier technology available to the public. Entities like transportation agencies that must work in conjunction with each other and the city will benefit from a shared infrastructure.

The vadeBike demonstration at the Congress showed a secure vehicle with three anchor points, charging points for the motor, and storage for a helmet, all at a low cost. The vadeBike smart station utilises AI to analyse data from mobility providers, in real time, creating a powerful tool for cities seeking to understand and monitor micro-mobility trends with a holistic view of traffic.

Ditch the Pajamas and Work Outside

Smart Totem demonstration at IoT SWC 2022 in Barcelona

The Smart Totem presents a value proposition to cities and businesses. You can go further with individual mobility. vadeCity wishes to create spaces that are more habitable, that invite innovation and creativity, and take advantage of outdoor spaces. Generating spaces for the community, Smart Totems can be installed anywhere to offer more opportunities to workers and allow cities and organizations to create new hubs of innovation.

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