5G IoT

5G REDCAP Will Pave the Way for Mass IoT Deployment

What are the features of 5G Reduced Capacity (REDCAP) and how will drive the next wave of large scale IoT adoption? We explore this and more in this article. … Read More

iSIM: The Next Generation in Cellular Connectivity for IoT Deployments

If you thought the eSIM was the limit of SIM evolution, think twice. The next generation of IoT SIMs proves that the best things do come in (increasingly) smaller packages. Read on to learn more about the iSIM and how it can benefit your IoT deployments. … Read More

IOTSWC ’22 Interview Series – Marta Recasens

vadeCity promoted two new ideas in the testbed section of IOTSWC. Transportation innovations for smart parking structures and vehicles and the Smart Totem. … Read More

Join us at MWC Barcelona

ZARIOT Shapes the Discussion of Mobile Security ZARIOT is excited for the return of the (mostly) full sized Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The world’s largest mobile technology convention was cancelled in 2020 and reduced in size last year. Now, … Read More