IOTSWC ’22 Interview Series – Sylvestre Becker Babel

Console Connect owns an infrastructure of telecommunication, topped with a layer of automation. Combining new software with a worldwide telecommunication infrastructure, including cable, satellite-connected communications, and mobile connectivity, they are now adding IoT connectivity to their portfolio. We spoke with Sylvestre Becker Babel at the IoTSWC ’22 in Barcelona about the new horizons for the industry.

Scaling the Cloud

IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona 2022
Photo: IS Europe

Console Connect came to Barcelona to expand partnerships connecting edge devices to cloud computing environments. In the midst of the convention, the excitement was palpable. IoT is growing faster than ever, and customers must ensure that their connectivity to cloud environments is able to scale. This scale is now growth through infrastructure and automation that Console Connect can enable so that enterprises can actually grow.

Becker was most concerned with security and ensuring privacy. Whatever has to be communicated from the edge device up to the cloud must have a reliable expectation of safety. This technology is sure to spark major growth as well as new breakthroughs in cybersecurity, cost efficiency, and energy savings.

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