VADECITY & ZARIOT Come Together for the Secure Connectivity of Networked Smart Station Nodes

Secure micromobility parking systems serve smart city residents, and transform cities into more sustainable spaces 

ZARIOT, a security-focused cellular connectivity provider for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, will connect vadeCity’s bicycle and scooter parking systems which rely on cellular connectivity to transmit data. The parking solution is in operation in Barcelona and other major cities and enables easier micromobility for more sustainable and healthy smart cities.  

The unique all-in-one solution can be used by individuals, rental companies, scooter sharing platforms and city bike sharing programs, and provides a simple user experience with a much smaller footprint than alternative solutions. vadeBike parking systems create less need for specialised structures, fewer subscriptions and more availability for all urban mobility systems. Improved mobility system networking increases efficiency and reduces the need for using cars in the city.  

VADECITY’s patented solution uses a system of interconnected intelligent nodes to address many smart city challenges. vadeBike, the all-in-one parking and charging station for shared, private bicycles, e-bikes, and scooters secures micro vehicles with 3 anchor points, as well as space to securely store the helmet, and the option to charge micro vehicles.  

The system is designed to offer maximum security, with reduced use of public space and visual impact, and integrate easily into the urban landscape. vadeBike’s smart station nodes utilise AI to analyse data from mobility providers, in real time, creating a powerful tool for cities seeking to understand and monitor micro-mobility trends with a holistic view of traffic. For sharing platforms and city-led mobility it offers a versatile, ready-to-use solution, thanks to a platform that integrates easily with their existing application for easy fleet and account management and abundant parking locations.  

vadeCity stations support other smart city sustainability goals as they require exceptionally low energy consumption and maintenance and each station can be equipped with a “Smart Totem” that measures air quality, providing environmental monitoring data from across the city. This information helps to demonstrate how effective the implementation of micro mobility is in improving the health of citizens.


‘This is an unprecedented way to connect the city,’ commented ZARIOT CEO Dawood Ghalaieny. ‘Sustainability is one of our core values and we are proud to be part of this secure smart city initiative, which is already contributing to a greener future.’ 

‘We transform cities into more sustainable cities at the service of people, and we do it through smart, connected and safe mobility,’ said Marta Recasens, CEO of vadeCity. ‘Working with the ZARIOT team in Barcelona has given us the confidence to become a benchmark for this transformation and guarantee vadeCity’s vision of having innovative and sustainable cities. Together we are ensuring the shift to urban mobility is secure and sustainable.’ 

vadeCity and ZARIOT will be showcasing their technologies at IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.

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