Tackling Urban Mobility and Data Privacy at IoT Solutions World Congress

Barcelona hosted the IoT Solutions World Congress in May, showcasing innovative and trailblazing solutions and technologies to tackle the world’s most pressing economic, environmental and social challenges. The event shared the ZARIOT vision of collaboration for innovation, and the team was delighted to present in various capacities.

True End-to-End Data Encryption demonstration at the Startup Pavilion 

ZARIOT’s stand at the Startup Pavilion exhibited our collaborative IoT security solution which fully encrypts data from device to core application and beyond, to the palm of the user’s hand. This innovation is the result of a partnership with The @ Company and Kigen. The @ Company technology was uniquely developed to ensure data privacy through authentication and encryption and to shift control of the data to the data owner. ZARIOT’s SIM expertise leverages the huge potential of eUICC technology to store the cryptographic keys. Kigen is committed to eSIM and iSIM as the foundation of IoT security. The collaborative solution extends the security model to include true end-to-end encryption of IoT data by integrating the open-source @platform, and using the SIM as a root of trust. It also radically simplifies the ability for applications to access data from IoT devices securely. Attendees showed great interest in our demonstration at the Congress. Find out more about the solution at the link below.

Connecting Smart City Initiatives in the Testbeds Area 

We also had two testbeds with our partner vadeCity. Ten testbeds in total were selected to exhibit the most advanced and innovative solutions, demonstrating technologies in real world conditions. 

vadeCity – Let’s Bring Urban Mobility Together. Powered by ZARIOT 

vadeBike parking brings together personal bike and scooter riders, sharing platforms, and even city-run mobility solutions such as Barcelona’s Bicing. Together, we demonstrated how innovative parking structures make sustainable transport more accessible, and how secure and easy smart parking can be. Interested participants learned about data security in urban mobility, and tried out some electric bikes and scooters. 

vadeCity – Why Can’t We All Work Outside? Powered by ZARIOT 

Why can’t we all work outside? vadeCity makes the city a better place to work. Visitors were welcome to enjoy high-security internet, in a safe work environment. This testbed showed how remote attestation is used to provide data privacy and security, in a comfortable outdoor space designed for employees needing a break from the office. 

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