Webinar: Maintaining IoT Growth Through Comprehensive Security

The potential for IoT to transform the world as we know it is enormous, yet poor security and complex integrations threaten the speed, and agility of advancement. In this webinar we will discuss what you need to know about security and digital transformation, how 5G and improved connectivity will affect fraud and security, and which pitfalls to avoid when starting an IoT project. 

End to end security in any IoT deployment can only be achieved through close collaboration between partners, from device to application and everything in between – if data is not protected across all attack vectors, it is vulnerable. Even if data is fully protected, other security breaches at the device level may not be considered. Without a full understanding of the security landscape, and a plan to implement security solutions across all operations, enterprises may leave themselves vulnerable to attacks and liability. 

The success and velocity of IoT in most sectors depends largely on public trust and a reliable, virtuous risk to benefit ratio. This interactive webinar will demonstrate the critical nature of comprehensive security, address how it can be achieved, and suggest practical steps enterprises can take to effectively secure and protect their devices and data in order to maximise revenues and utilise IoT to its full potential. 

You will learn:

– How security can drive successful IoT deployment
– Changes in perceptions of security due to momentum in digital transformation
– Simple security strategies that can be applied at the beginning of an IoT project
– The impact of 5G on IoT and security

Jimmy Jones is Head of Security at ZARIOT and believes that for IoT to be truly effective, both security and connectivity are absolutely necessary and truly interdependent. Jimmy has a wealth of experience in cybersecurity and telecommunications and continually aims to prove that security is an opportunity for business – not a burden. 

Mark Woodcock of Bosch.io brings his expertise in consultative sales and business development in diverse complex arenas, including mobility, automotive, building, energy, and innovation-led Internet of Things (IoT). Mark is passionate about accompanying and advising customers through the ideation of their individual needs to translate customer challenges into tangible solution packages.

Nassia Skoulikariti, Founder and CEO of Apiro Data, is a veteran IoT & Telco Digital Transformation Specialist.  She specialises in simplifying Digital Initiatives to Enable Faster Execution and Commercialisation with IoT, AI and Cloud communications. Nassia believes that every organisation will be an IoT company in the future, but not everyone is ready today, and has therefore developed a comprehensive framework and implementation service that overcomes the barriers to entry, from IoT strategy and development to monetisation.

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