ZARIOT shortlisted in 2022 GLOMO Awards

For the second year in a row, ZARIOT has been shortlisted for a GLOMO! The Global Mobile Awards are the mobile industry’s highest honour, and nominees and winners are selected by a panel of leading experts from around the world. Selection for the shortlist is global recognition as a major player in the tech sector, winning a GLOMO is absolute acknowledgement as a leader among your peers, and being in the running for back-to-back wins? We’ll keep the corks in the champagne until the winners are announced on 2 March 2022 at MWC Barcelona.

Whether or not we win the award for the ‘Best Mobile Authentication & Security Solution,’ we are honoured to be recognised as a vanguard in the creation of technology to safeguard customer personal data and to help network operators and service providers combat fraudulent access to networks. Our entry for this year’s awards, ‘Empowering End-to-end IoT Ecosystem Security’ highlights the urgent need to continue innovating to keep up with relentlessly developing security threats. It builds on our entry for last year’s awards, and we are proud to keep our streak of innovation going another year.

There are 4 other strong companies who are being recognised for their efforts this year. We hope that’s a comfort when ZARIOT repeats at the 2022 MWC!

Read more about the awards and view the full shortlist here. And read more about our winning entry for last year’s awards here.


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