ZARIOT is honoured and thrilled to WIN the award for the ‘Best IoT Solution Provider’ and to be shortlisted for the ‘Best Innovative MVNO’ at this year’s Carrier Community Global Awards, held in Berlin. The Awards celebrate the achievements and innovations of telecom wholesale operators and ecosystem partners, and are judged by a panel of industry experts. The ‘Best IoT Solution Provider’ award recognises innovative services supporting the IoT industry.  

Described by the judges as ‘the most complete solution’, ZARIOT’s entry outlined how we look beyond securing connectivity to focus on the final solution security. Our win highlights the importance of collaboration and cooperation throughout the IoT ecosystem to innovate and to achieve fully secure IoT solutions.  

Through our zero-trust approach, signalling security technology, anti-IMSI catcher, IoT Trust data privacy, and continued drive to innovate, ZARIOT tackles the security of connectivity and provides complete end-to-end data protection from device to cloud. Our combined approach of security technology with collaborative partnerships ensures that end users can be confident that their deployments are end-to-end protected, and that they can be involved as much or as little as they want. As IoT projects and products develop across all industries, and as cellular networks evolve, ZARIOT enables enterprises to adapt to changing needs, demands and threats, all while operating securely. We continue to innovate to deliver unrivalled flexibility, support and security for the lifetime of cellular projects, no matter their application. ZARIOT brings security as agile as the business it secures.  

Congratulations also to all the other winners

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