Addressability in IoT Deployments

With every IoT deployment, your business and connectivity solutions are constantly put to the test. Especially as bad actors become more sophisticated, your defenses need to keep pace as well.

What addressability necessitates is two fold, 1) secure communications that allow collaboration between every individual or entity, 2) regardless of location.

Through one consolidated solution, the atsign platform ensures both needs. Atsign’s cutting edge technology ensures that wherever your devices are located, you can always correspond with it clearly and securely.

This solution is based on unparalleled technology that has warranted 48 patent applications in just 3 years. Plus, it utilizes open-source software, giving your solution the flexibility to adapt the code to suit your specific needs.

Device Addressability – Communicate Anywhere and Everywhere

The atsign solution uses a unique ID for every device which can be a name, number, or combination of characters. This unique ID is network agnostic which means it can always be used to contact the device regardless of its location.

It does not require VPN setups, static addressing, NAT transversal, or port mapping. Significantly reducing configuration and administrative efforts that can be time consuming and costly.

How Does it Work?

The device connects and passively listens to its individual microservice until it needs to send or receive information. When this happens, the device initializes a WebSocket connection and establishes it to the microservice. From this point on, this outbound request can be used for secure communication. Meaning that any device can communicate directly with another solely using the atsign identity.

This dynamic connection also means the device does not need to listen or react to any communication on other ports, making it invisible to hacker port scans. It is essentially cyber-undetectable and can covertly work and communicate while concealed.

Securely contact your device, wherever in the world it may be

Unparalleled Data Resilience

Speaking of security, alongside global addressability, atsign’s solutions also maintain the highest standards when it comes to data resilience.

At its core, atsign’s platform uses tried and trusted public/private keys and AES. This is the key to a new level of security, achieved by using the secondary server as a proxy.

This means no central repository of unencrypted data exists, eliminating a key vulnerability of the network. A swarm of individual microservices allow devices to communicate with each other, without ever decoding the data.

Private keys also exist solely in end devices. Meaning an attacker would have to identify and hack both individual elements to expose the data, dramatically increasing the complexity of a successful attack.

A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) also helps to secure the private keys. This can take a form of a T2 in your MAC, Samsung KNOX, MobileIron for Android, or other secure elements in your IoT device.

Once again, atsign have proven functionality of a cellular SIM as a Root of Trust (RoT) through their partnership with ZARIOT and “IoT-Trust” offering based on GSMA standards. Atsign also securely embeds privacy encryption keys and ID in the SIM at point of manufacture, ensuring a closed loop on end-to-end encryption.

Establish A Private Network on the Open Internet

You can ring-fence your IoT, management servers, customer access, or even your whole estate by creating your own network on a private LAN or 5G. The alternatively is to use the open internet.

But have you considered the best of both these options?

Consider a hybrid approach to ringfence your deployment

The security of a private network without geographical limitations. Given how expansive IoT suits have become, even the most safeguarded facilities with a locked down network will require trucks to leave the factory for last-mile deliveries.

Understandably, even with meticulous planning, moving from traditional IT environments to embracing OT and IoT with disparate infrastructure, poses significant challenges.

Research has also shown that networks are most vulnerable during this period as IT teams must juggle between legacy networks, upgrades, patching etc., and integrate systems with new and less familiar infrastructure.  

The atsign platform addresses any device, legacy IT, OT, or IoT. Allowing a security overlay to be implemented on your existing estate, but absorb new diverse devices when required. Equipping you with a simple, but growing umbrella of addressability and security now and in the future.


Atsign and ZARIOT ensures global addressability, while providing award winning levels of security. Allowing solution owners to build trust and maintain control of their IoT fleet, without additional investment and administrative costs.

Why wait? Reach out to one of our industry experts today to schedule a one-on-one meeting and let us help you find an ideal IoT connectivity solution for your own deployment needs.

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