IOTSWC ’22 Interview Series – Chris Swan

Shhhhhhhhhhhh. No Ports. Is it a secret? The secret way to provide the ultimate security solution by eliminating the most vulnerable point of access to a device? We caught up with Atsign’s Chris Swan at the IoT Solutions World Congress to find out the latest way to keep IoT consumers safe.

Data for You, Data for Them

In case you missed the demonstration at MWC ’22, Atsign showed off its end-to-end encryption control solution at IoTSWC. Using a biometric sensor for heart rate and oxygen saturation, Chris demonstrated how data can be secured from the device to an application on a handset. Furthermore, the access to the data is fully controlled by the user, who can choose where to share it, and when.

Learn more about flipping the internet and putting consumers in control of their own data.

IP Access without IP

The solution also radically simplifies the secure management of IoT devices without the need for static IP addresses, IP ports or VPN and firewalling equipment. With the SSH-No Ports solution, @ signs replace static IP addressing and open IP ports to deliver more secure admin access. The @ signs are used to open a management plane initiated by reverse SSH tunnels, so letting the administrator connect to the device. With no open ports, there is no vulnerability to outside attack.

This approach is crucial now, as it can alleviate the ever-increasing need for VPN’s and complexity of managing them. The administrator is able to access and interact with the devices easily without having to join or move between VP’s safe in the knowledge that security concerns are mitigated to a great extent as the device is not listening to any other communications.

The Path to Wider Adoption

Everyone wants secure admin access without compromising device security, and this could be a key pivot point in wider IoT adoption. Solving this security breach out of the box across a whole range of IoT devices will highlight the value and impact of @ signs. With that recognition, Swan posits, wider adoption benefitting mainstream customers will follow.

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