IOTSWC ’22 Interview Series – Ravi Sumra

Connectivity Partners is an IoT solutions provider, who has been highly successful with progressive transportation solutions and Fintech offerings, but was developed specifically to address complex and comprehensive customer projects.  They offer the full complement of cellular technologies as well as satellite connectivity, working with all the major satellite providers for core connectivity on a global basis. We spoke with Ravi Sumra at the IoTSWC in Barcelona to learn more about the future of security for CP’s clients.

Connectivity as Practice

With Connectivity Partners, it is always a customer result approach. They identify the core pain points of a company and tackle them with a portfolio of offerings that they have spent 12 years building. This includes everything from straightforward cellular connectivity, all the way through to bespoke encrypted services at the bleeding edge of core connectivity today.

Core Encryption Technology

IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona 2022
Photo: Digital AV Magazine

Security has become a huge issue across both the Fintech and connectivity spaces. Hacking has become common place and cybersecurity is a universal concern. Connectivity Partners has addressed the problem using traditional methods but many organizations now want to move away from fixed IP solutions because of cost and management overhead. The challenge now is to provide the same protection but with the agility, speed and efficiency needed to support IoT at volume.

This is where ZARIOT comes in. The IoT Trust end-to-end encryption solution allows Connectivity Partners to remove traditional security solutions and introduce a whole new paradigm of sharing data.

APN Solutions

IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona 2022
Photo: Smart Integraciones Mag

Connectivity Partners sees application layer end-to-end encryption from the actual SIM as revolutionary. It allows customers to innovative about how they build and design their SaaS based propositions. Introducing dynamic IPs without impacting access opens a new world of opportunities.

Connectivity Partners is focused on building out its secure propositions across the board. CP works with the transportation sector in the UK and is also building networks across Europe, North America, and Australia/New Zealand. They recognise the need to address solutions around core security, which hadn’t been a major issue a decade ago, but is now much more prevalent.

Working with ZARIOT, they can now bring together boundless options to fulfill their customers’ needs and ensuring full end-to-end encrypted solution security.

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