Transformation Trailblazers

Join Kigen and ZARIOT as they unpack the role of data security and privacy and a secure-by-design approach in supporting transformational business change. A must of all business leaders – CEO, CIO, CSO and senior leaders who are driving change with IoT, cloud computing, and data! … Read More

Collaboration, Cooperation & Compliance

The EU is set to have the most well-defined IoT security and privacy regulations in the world, and other regions will soon follow suit. Security solutions in IoT are nearly as prevalent as IoT solutions themselves, yet this very abundance could be causing as many problems as it solves, especially when it comes to compliance. This panel discusses the role of collaboration in compliance with regulations, how forming future-looking security communities provides reliable and effective security solutions through the lifetime of an IoT device or project, and how cooperation among vendors can be leveraged at every step in the value chain. … Read More

Standards, Legislation and Regulation – the next steps for IoT security

David Rogers presents the current standards and policies of the IoT security landscape. With governments around the world taking action against insecure IoT, what does this mean for industry and what do companies need to do to ensure their products and services are secure? In this webinar, David Rogers explains today’s regulations as well as changes and additions to IoT standards and certifications in the future. … Read More

The SIMb-IoT-ic relationship between security and success

What could stop IoT from reaching its full potential? If the industry is shortsighted about security. The current MO in IoT allows for functional flaws in exchange for speed of deployment, but this is dangerous in terms of securing the space and building trust with consumers. Vendors must cooperate to create a secure IoT ecosystem – end-to-end. In this webinar you learn how to defend against IoT security threats like IMSI Catchers (Stringrays), the strategies for end-to-end data encryption being built into devices, and the cooperation happening across the industry to address the current and future challenges to IoT security. … Read More

Achieving End-To-End IoT Security

Security is only as strong as its weakest point. Even with fully secure connectivity, any weakness in an IoT application or device can compromise the integrity of the enterprise. This webinar looks at the IoT ecosystem as a whole, and what factors through the chain of an IoT deployment should be considered in order to achieve full end-to-end security. … Read More

Maintaning IoT Growth Through Comprehensive Security

The potential for IoT to transform the world as we know it is enormous, yet poor security and complex integrations threaten the speed, and agility of advancement. In this webinar we discuss what you need to know about security and digital transformation, how security can drive successful IoT deployment, how 5G and improved connec … Read More