ZARIOT & Able Device help unlock the potential of your connectivity

The USD$31.6 billion internet of things (IoT) industry has completely altered the world for cellular connectivity providers.

Before IoT, mobile carriers only had to worry about mobile phones and three basic functions: 1) call your wife, 2) text your mum, or 3) surf the internet.

As IoT and their interdependent building blocks become more diverse and complex, it means operators can no longer fully understand the needs of its customer base.


Time for change

In order to become more flexible, interactive, and collaborative, the network must open up to allow IoT implementers to see and utilize all the tools available, to craft the ideal solution for their needs.

IoT must be driven by its goals and achieve what is intended and not be limited by technology, nor should it allow these limitations to influence or dilute the final objective.

If you only have access to a hammer, everything inevitably looks like a nail. What we need to provide instead is a better toolkit.

In previous blogs, we have highlighted extensive features that Able Device and the ZARIOT ecosystem can provide.

Yet, we’re constantly adding and building our toolbox. Our aim is to give IoT providers the level of control in connectivity that is on a par with application, or device development.


An intuitive way to customize SIM applets

At ZARIOT, we have the capabilities to add features by collaborating with our partners, enabling their solutions on the SIM via applets. This approach strongly complements our in-house core and SIM development to accelerate your go-to-market process.

The partnership with Able Device takes this flexibility to a new level by using the SIMbae Node Editor.

The menu driven, drag and drop development environment allows you to easily visualise and create your own SIM applet. Ensuring you tackle your real-life challenges, with zero coding experience necessary.

Node Editor provides a comprehensive number of variables and actions to create your applet. It can be immediately uploaded to your SIM, tested, verified, and adjusted. All with the same straightforward, intuitive process.

This gives you an ideal opportunity to innovate, and possibly address integration problems between the device and application. Smoothing delivery of the IoT solution or fulfilling that problematic Request for Comment (RFC) functionality gap.

Instantly add value to a solution with simple scripts and processes that give you control and reduce cost and time to market.

Even as the goals of your solution become bigger and scripts could potentially become more complex; you are not on your own.

The ZARIOT ecosystem is built on a foundation of transparency, cooperation, and collaboration. Both Able Device and ZARIOT engineers always on hand to assist.


The solution in action

Let us consider a scenario of a static IoT use case such as a smart recycling bin deployed on the city street. We can add value to the solution even before the installation of the bin.

Cellular coverage is omnipresent, but there can be areas where the coverage is less effective. ZARIOT have recently partnered with Teragence, a company that maps mobile signal strength with real geospatial and quantitative granularity, for all iterations of access (e.g., 4G, 5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M).

Coupled with ZARIOT’s extensive carrier relationships providing access to multiple carriers and access technologies in each region, these insights can deliver smarter implementation.

By using Teragence, the smart bin operator can be assured that the recycling bins are positioned at a specific location on the street that maximises connectivity. This helps speed up the bin deployment process and reduces the risk of having to reapply for the appropriate licenses or paperwork needed to move the bins to a different location.

Moreover, because Teragence can provide detailed insights, the smart bin company is also able to better understand the carriers and connectivity options available.

They could choose to leave the decision on carrier selection to the native network controls or use SIMbae’s existing signal scanning scripts to ensure best performing connectivity.

Alternatively, they can also take control themselves.

By using SIMbae’s Node Editor, the recycling company can manipulate the order they want to use the carriers. Or more importantly, the access technology, allowing them to tailor connectivity to suit their hardware needs.

The ordering can also be easily adjusted via a simple and quick upload to your SIM. For instance, in the event of a hardware change or software upgrade.


Parting thoughts

Over the past weeks we have highlighted how Able Device and ZARIOTs ecosystem can enhance your IoT solution with additional features and functionality.

Together with the services of Teragence, or others such as Binare and Sevenshift, our ecosystem can help you deploy, administer, and secure your IoT solution over the lifetime of your devices.

Considering the extended lifespan of an IoT device compared with other IT equipment, having the flexibility and support in design, testing, and maintenance is crucial. As it’s difficult to know how conditions may change in coming years, your connectivity must be able to evolve and adapt with your needs.

ZARIOT and our group of industry experts give you the tools to remotely manipulate your connectivity solution over time, as well as accelerate your deployments.

Together we aim to give you the granular control and flexibility you might expect from your cloud provider, with your connectivity too.

Realize your vision to deploy, manage, and enhance your IoT offering. Talk to us today to see how our solution can work for you.

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