ZARIOT & Crypto Quantique strengthen IoT device security & simplify management

As an award-winning, global cellular IoT connectivity provider, ZARIOT allows customers to utilize telecom network tools to build their own bespoke and secure IoT solutions. We transform the SIM from a necessary but underutilized asset, into a secure, intelligent, independent processor to streamline and accelerate development. Our aim is to always give customers the features and functionality to evolve their IoT implementations, while remaining resilient to attacks.

To achieve this, ZARIOT leverage our extensive technical expertise. In addition, we introduce innovative and valuable offerings to cellular IoT from outside of telecoms. This is why we are pleased to announce our partnership with Crypto Quantique.


Our partnership

Crypto Quantique is a leading provider of quantum-based security for IoT. Their IoT device security platform – QuarkLink – can securely support IoT devices and is also integrated into cellular networks using the SIM. This means cellular IoT customers can now take full advantage of the zero-trust secure provisioning, onboarding, and device life-cycle management capability of QuarkLink.

Using ZARIOT SIMs to access QuarkLink, customers can achieve end to end security for their cellular IoT solutions. Without the added costs and management complexities of VPNs. As part of ongoing lifecycle management, devices can also be securely updated over-the-air for proactive protection from evolving threats.


The joint solution

Our joint offering uses the industry certified cryptographic properties of GSMA’s IoT-SAFE, with the embedded code baseline from Crypto Quantique. The initial baseline includes the QuarkLink client library which utilises the IoT-SAFE SIM environment as a root of trust. This secures connections between the enterprise’s security centre, QuarkLink, and the cloud service provider. Completely eliminating the complexities of managing cryptographic keys and digital certificates at the device level. This code is currently available for download from Github and easily modified to the IoT applications needs.

ZARIOT enables the SIM to leverage IoT-SAFE to locally generate cryptographic keys – for identity proofing – to QuarkLink during device communication. This provides an alternative to utilizing a dedicated module on-chip/secure element and gives additional choice to Crypto Quantique customers. Both options ensure that the private key is never exposed beyond the enterprise environment.


ZARIOT’s ecosystem approach

Crypto Quantique are a hugely valuable addition to the group of industry experts that make up ZARIOT’s cellular IoT ecosystem. Our collaborative approach means that together, we provide an extensive range of connectivity features and tools to our customers. This gives them full control and flexibility in their connectivity that is usually only seen in cloud environments. Make connectivity an integral part of the overall IoT design today.


“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink IoT device security platform to now include robust support for cellular connectivity. This means we now can secure devices used in smart cities, smart agriculture and the oil and gas industry, among other use cases that rely on cellular connectivity.”

Dr. Shahram Mossayebi, co-founder and CEO, Crypto Quantique


“At ZARIOT we believe cellular IoT connectivity must provide flexibility and add tangible value. To realise this, we work alongside our ecosystem of partners, to integrate the most innovative solutions into our SIM. ZARIOT see the huge potential for Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink offering to secure, simplified, and streamlined IoT deployment across all verticals. We are proud to join forces.”

Dawood Ghalaieny, CEO, ZARIOT



ZARIOT has opened our network to innovation. Providing IoT developers with the necessary tools and functions to add features, flexibility, and security for bespoke IoT solutions. We make the telecoms network an integral, cohesive part of an IoT solution’s end-to-end design, while always maintaining competitive pricing. This is achieved using our in-house technical expertise and growing ecosystem of partners, enabling us to bring new participants and use cases to market faster, while ensuring security and regulatory compliance remains at the root of any solution.


About Crypto Quantique

Crypto Quantique is the first software and IP (Intellectual Property) company to create true end-to-end IoT security products that can be seamlessly integrated throughout the entire supply chain, from the design of the chip, to enabling a secure connection for devices to the cloud. It has partnerships with large semiconductor companies including STMicroelectronics, Microchip, and Renesas and with large OEMs like Wurth Elektronik. Crypto Quantique is headquartered in London, UK, and has offices in the US, Europe, and Taiwan.

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