Don’t deploy blindfolded: ZARIOT’s Remote Access Testing Module (RATM)

You wouldn’t buy a phone blindfolded, so why should you deploy your IoT devices into the field without proper network testing?  

While IoT deployments are becoming more affordable, it still requires significant planning, resources and coordination to ensure devices are deployed in ideal locations with competitive data rates. 

For example, a Japanese company looking at a deployment in Europe faces significant risks. Unexpected costs and deployment delays associated with poor network connectivity can be damaging, even during the testing phase.   

With ZARIOT’s Remote Access Testing Modules (RATM), we can validate service availability and performance of our eUICC eSIM cards to augment the success of deployment, while improving time-efficiency and reducing costs. 


ZARIOT shines light on your deployments 

Through ZARIOT’s Management Portal, IoT performance and backend services can be monitored, diagnosed, and fixed even before you deploy a single device.

Generate real-time traffic for 24/7 monitoring of device behavior to isolate faults and highlight problems before failure, while remote over-the-air (OTA) service testing guarantees provisioning and the enabling/disabling of operator profiles.  

The fully integrated active testing platform helps providers ensure highly reliable services throughout deployment and device lifecycle.

This enables you to grasp testing requirements and understand necessary measurement setups when you’re ready to deploy. Alternatively, testing can also be done to get your IoT application up to date, with the required quality and performance.  

Perform highly customizable tests and generate reliable KPIs for benchmarking as well as positioning across different industries and IoT market segments across the world. 

Our testing capabilities addresses the following, and more: 

  • Connectivity testing  
  • Location Update 
  • Voice MOC/MTC 
  • SMS MO/MT 
  • PDP Context 
  • Web browsing 
  • IoT application platform testing 
  • Power-saving features testing 
  • Specific vertical industry testing 

With a single comprehensive reporting suite, you have full control over your global SIM fleet and deployment process.

Manage device network access, usage and rogue behaviour alerts, APIs, device troubleshooting tools, along with usage and connectivity dashboards. 



Benefits of RATM

In-House provisioning and testing 

  • Lower costs of 3rd party SIM/connectivity performance testers 
  • Streamline IoT deployments with a single SIM 
  • Single point of contact for assistance  
  • Reduce the hassle of negotiating across different service providers 

Full control over your roaming quality 

  • No more manual testing  
  • Save time & cost by efficiently managing your deployments 

Troubleshoot effectively 

  • 24/7 monitoring to troubleshoot and tackle issues before a customer impact 
  • Contant validation of network availability and authentication  
  • User-friendly platform with pre-defined tests and dashboards 

Global Testing Platform 

  • Perform tests with more than 650+ networks in more than 190 countries  

Intuitive GUI 

  • KPI overview for analysis and management  
  • Root cause and analysis predictive analysis to detect and prevent future failure scenarios 




If you are working on your deployment and want to try out our Remote Access Testing Modules, get in touch with us today.

We are also supported by our growing partner ecosystem that provides innovative, and award-winning solutions for all your IoT device testing, deployment, management needs, and more.

Alternatively, learn more about cellular connectivity, cybersecurity and privacy compliance here, test our SIMs here, or contact one of our industry experts who are always there to lend a hand. 

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